Boise River Greenbelt Trail

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Boise River Greenbelt Trail is a 5.3 mile point-to-point trail located near Boise, ID. The trail is good for all skill levels offers a number of activity options.

5.3 miles 62 feet Point to Point
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Charlie Lorenz
15 days ago

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Ben Andersen
1 month ago

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Beautiful place to take a jog,rollerblade or ride a bike. In the fall you can smell the water and trees mix together harmonously. I highly recommend it. I had the priveledge of going on this greenbelt while attending Boise State University which is next to the greenbelt.

Ashley Webb
9 months ago

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This is a great trail for a jog or an easy leisurely walk. I love the different and beautiful scenery you can enjoy while on this trail. Perfect for any time of the year.

Zachary Cooley
11 months ago

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The Greenbelt is awesome (with the exception of the sections in Garden City that are not being properly maintained). It allows you to easily get from downtown to most areas of Boise. It also provides excellent access to fishing.

Steve Oswald
1 year ago

218 Completed195 Reviews

The Boise Greenbelt is one of the best features Boise has to offer. Whether it's enjoying the changing colors in the fall, or getting a morning jog in during the summer, it offers so much beauty and recreation for the entire Boise area.

Sayon Sur
2 years ago

11 Completed10 Reviews

Probably the most lucrative feature of boise.. I can access green belt right from my home . It was one if the main reasons I took my apartment. The green belt is good for all ages , for walk, run or biking.. You can leisurely enjoy or do serious exercise. The trail will go by boise river and go till lucky peak touching Anne Morrison , Julia Davis , warm springs park. If you are lucky you can meet deers, coyotes on the trail late in the day. It is less crowded Julia Davis to lucky peak. It is heavily crowded from glen wood to. Julia Davis .

Matthew Peterson
2 years ago

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Tabby-Matt Powell
3 years ago

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Road biking on the Greenbelt is awesome and so beautiful in summer and spring! I love that you can start and stop wherever you want!

Harry Davies
3 years ago

4 Completed2 Reviews

This is a great trail wherever you pick it up. Easy paths and great views.

Todd Camack
3 years ago

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Tony Paladini
3 years ago

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I ride the green belt to work from the Eagle area at least 3 to 4 times a week to downtown Boise. It's a great ride paved all the way ,,, just few area have roots coming up ( mostly in the Garden City area), but a great ride along the river, have seen all kinds of wildlife along the way . My wife and I Aldo ride it on the weekends,, always enjoyable .

Thomas L.
3 years ago

Nearly all paved. Some stretches with root-heaving of pavement. Nice country and city stretches, relatively level. Busy with pedestrians and bikes within city, but few to the west and east of that. Basically on streets from Eagle Island Park (west end) to trail near Eagle Road. Then follows the Boise River through Garden City (with minor street detours), through downtown Boise (past parks, zoo, museums) to the open country east of there. I enjoyed the round trip from Meridian (total of 54 miles) at age 70. Over-all a pleasant ride with considerable variation in surroundings. Easy access, with parking, many places for those who want to do short sections.

Jd Burbank
4 years ago

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Awesome weekend or evening activity for all ages. Lots of parks and points of interest along the trail. Do as much or as little as you like.