Roman Nose Lakes

Bonners Ferry, ID
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Roman Nose Lakes is a 4 mile out and back trail located near Bonners Ferry, Idaho that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for camping, fishing & hiking and is accessible from May until October.



70 Completed 56 Reviews

Beautiful lakes in high country. Muddy and snowy on part of the trail, especially upper lake in early July. The saw a moose at the middle lake. Long drive on a dirt road to get there, but worth the trip.



22 Completed 23 Reviews

Easy access to a set of sub-alpine lakes. You can drive to the largest of the three lakes and it's just a short hike to the other two. It has been years since I've been to the lower lake, but the trail to the upper lake climbs the ridge behind Roman Nose Lake #3 and goes through the old Sundance Burn. As you approach the upper lake, it can be a bit muddy, but the Forest Service has been putting in bridges and walkways. Also as you approach the upper lake, you will enter the timber again. Very nice set of lakes although it can be really crowded.


Michele Ryals Bertling


1 Completed 1 Reviews

it was a easy trail going to hike up into higher mountain lakes in a few days. go in the evening when the wind dies down for fishing we came off the trail and the fish were biting we'll know next time. had a good day taking pictures.



16 Completed 54 Reviews

A quick fix of alpine backcountry can be found north of Sandpoint,Idaho in the Kaniksu National Forest.Roman Nose Lakes offer incredible views,hillsides covered in wildflowers and maybe a catch or two of high mountain trout.Upper Roman Nose Lake is the reason the area's name becomes apparent;the peak overlooking the lake looks like nothing so much as a prominent schnozz.