River to River Trail

#10 of 28 trails in Shawnee National Forest

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Trail starts at Battery Rock on the Ohio River and ends at Devi's Backbone on the Mississippi River. Great way to experience the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois.

Passes through Plains, Bluffs, Bayous, and upland Forest. Beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife. Terrain is between easy to difficult.

There are many points of access along the trail (see map). The Ohio River trailhead is located at Battery Rock: from Highway 1 turn east on Lambs Rd. Approx- imately 1 mile past the point when the road pavement changes to gravel there is a small trailhead parking lot. The Mississippi River trailhead

Shawnee National Forest Supervisors Office
50 HWY 145 South Harrisburg, IL 62946 (800) 699-6637
River to River Trail Society 1142 Winkleman Rd. Harrisburg, IL 62946 (618) 252-6789


Jeffery Gosnell


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Just to clarify, the trail head no longer starts at Battery Rock. In 2010, the made the E'town spur the new eastern end of the trail. Battery Rock was simply too remote to get to, and vandalism to trail markers made it difficult to navigate. Additionally, the Battery Rock portion of the trail used a lot of roads. Using the E'town gets you into the woods much faster.

The worst part of this trail is all the ATV's that illegally use it.



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Awesome Trail very scenic and peaceful. Several hills to climb but the views are always worth it.