Sam Dale Lake Hiking Trail

Sam Dale Lake Conservation Area has 3 trails, an 8.5 mile equestrian trail around the area, a 3 mile loop trail, and a 2 mile out and back trail. All trails are easy to follow and well mapped.

7.0 miles Loop 67 feet
Dog Friendly
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Loop and out and back trails are very easy to follow taking you through the park along the lake. Nice area with well maintained trails and campground.

William Joiner

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Sam Dale Lake Hiking Trail and Equestrian Trail located in South-central IL. These trails are well maintained with very light traffic. There are three trails in the park; an 8.5 mile Equestrian trail, a 3.5 mile nature trail, and a 4.5 mile out and back hiking trail. The trails are wide and well maintained with a host of wildlife to be seen. It is a nice trail for leasure or day hiking.

Layla E.

Okay trail if you're already close by, but don't go out of your way to get here.

Roxanne H.

Nice wide trails. Pine one is more scenic than Fox Run. But Fox run is more challenging.

Kyle Pacatte

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Nice park located in south central IL. Trails are well maintained with very light traffic. 3 trails consisting of 1 double loop trail, and out and back trail and a longer equestrian trail.