Sand Ridge State Forest Trail

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Sand Ridge State Forest Trail is a 6.7 mile loop trail located near Topeka, IL that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

6.7 miles 160 feet Loop
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Noel Miles
25 days ago

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Was difficult for young children in sandy "orange" trail. But they loved playing in the sand whenever we took a break. Elevations were easy and we had lots of equine travelers which was a plus for kids too. Expect a 3-4 hr trip for youngsters.

Christopher Mackesy
1 month ago

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Hiked a 5 mile loop with my family today (red diamond trail). Great spring hike. Enough hills to make it interesting and very sandy on the trails as others have mentioned. Back Country Campsites (BCS) looked interesting. We'll be back again to try some of the other trails.

Smaran Mandala
7 months ago

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A friend and I camped here this past weekend.
The state forest has two kinds of camping areas:
1) Regular camping : designated areas (large areas) where you can drive up, get out, pitch a tent and cook some food. They had restrooms and trashcans and two of these camping sites that we drove in to check out seemed very clean. There was almost no debris from other campers left behind.
2) Back Country camping sites (BCS): These are sites that you will have to hike to in order to reach them. The closest of these BCS were a mile away from where we had parked. We took the Brown trail off of Cactus road. The trails are very well marked and easy to find and navigate to. We hiked and explored three of the BCS on our trail before deciding on the one we liked best. The thing I liked about these were that each of the BCS was unique (one had a clear view of the sky, another had slabs of logs to sit on around the campfire, the third had very thick vegetation around it).
They all had a slab of concrete to light your campfire in (minimizing the possibility of starting a wildfire). Firewood was not stocked at these sites (kind of expected that) so we rummaged through our surrounding area to gather wood (wasn’t too difficult to find) that fed our fire well into the night.
These back country sites are well spaced and that gives you a feeling of being all by yourself (I hate it when other campers get too noisy) at these sites.

Some of the trails can get quite sandy so be sure to wear good hiking boots to prevent sand from getting into your shoes and be prepared to put in some extra effort into your hike (walking in sand can tire you easily).

All in all, we loved the availability of back country camp sites and enjoyed our camping thoroughly.

George Aspbury
1 year ago

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Hidden gem of a park. Several loop trail systems from 5-14 miles. There are also many miles of fire lanes. Much sand is here. Apparently there are badgers living in the park. We have yet to encounter one. Loads of whitetail deer and other critters. Deer hunting and game fields so check the park for info regarding trial closures and huntign seasons.

Jeff Cole
1 year ago

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I back packed the eastern Yellow trail to Back country site 1 where I camped. The trail was sandy as expected, adding about 30% more work to the trek at times. Cactus were everywhere. I plan to return and do a different trail.

Michael Rowe
3 years ago

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It's been a few years since I hiked this trail. As I recall there is a 17 mile loop trail. I used this trail to get in shape for backpack trips. The trail was difficult at times do to the trail surface being made up of sand.