Waterfall Glen

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Waterfall Glen is a 9.4 mile loop trail located near Lemont, Illinois that features a waterfall. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from April until October.

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Tina Arteaga (729)

11 Completed7 Reviews

Good Trail. My husband and I plan to take our bikes on this trail in the future. I have done this trail to help my train for major walks I have done for charity. Good time lots of traffic.

rover tang (75)

2 Completed2 Reviews


Jason Harrington (388)

13 Completed11 Reviews

The Main Trail is a loop surrounding Argonne National Lab, so the map associated with this entry is not even half of the full trail available!
The trail is primarily crushed limestone and, generally, very wide. There are a good number of elevation shifts, but nothing particularly taxing. On Memorial Day, there was quite a bit of traffic.
There are many maps and posters throughout to let you know where you are. There are a couple tricky spots where more signs would be useful when melding with the roads leading from Argonne as well as electric access roads.
There is a bit of fun single track around the waterfall. :)
I need to knock off a couple stars due to all of the road crossings. The crossings are uncontrolled and, generally, not a problem; however, there are a couple roads with heavier usage where drivers are clearly not following the posted speed limits and I felt like I was pushed into a game of Frogger.

S B (131)

6 Completed6 Reviews

Bianca Couto Porter (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

very good spot to bike, specially mountain biking. the path isnt pavement but small rocks. 9.4 is the perfect distance.
if that is ur first time, u may get lost but there are maps of the park everywhere. keep track of your steps.
u can also find small snakes. my husband and i passed by 2 snakes crossing the path. one actually tried bitting him.
overall...great place to exercise outdoors.

B Williams (627)

7 Completed2 Reviews

The trail was OK. it's a all gravel trail with a few hills. I did do the entire trail, but accidentally hit finish on the app with about 2.5 miles to go. I like swallow off of 104th & Cal Sag...it's a little more challenging with steeper hills.

Karen Goyette (96)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Not a bad place for a good run or bike ride walking was a bit difficult in areas but we loved the area will be taking our bikes there soon

Taylor Strohmeyer (146)

1 Completed1 Reviews

This was my first hike since moving to Chicago and I was really pleased! A couple friends and I hiked the main gravel trail about 3 mi to the waterfall area, and then were blown away by what greeted us. If you are one for adventure over fitness, then skip the gravel trail altogether, park near the waterfall and hike along the creek. There was about a half mile of trail along the creek we explored but I'm sure there are more single-track trails back there. Beautiful and convenient from the city, I'll be back here for sure. Four stars because of the crowd we encountered, and the monotonous gravel.

Krystal Rasmussen (68)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great place to walk... there are gravel trails you can stay on or you can venture off into the woods. Love the waterfall area! do not use the map/directions from here though. you will end up on Janet street at someone's house!

Marsha Hay (129)

3 Completed2 Reviews

A great diverse hike in the suburbs. A great training spot; there were many people with backpacks on the trail this weekend. I think this would make for a better bike ride than nice hike. We also ran into many places of flooded out trails after all the rain we've been having and had to turn around 3.5 miles around the loop.