Fancy Creek Mountain Bike Trail

Randolph, KS

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The trail at Fancy Creek offers 6 miles of mountain biking and hiking for advanced outdoor enthusiasts. This trail provides users with varying and rugged terrain and beautiful Kansas vistas. Experienced mountain bikers will find this a challenging course and it is one of the best in Kansas.

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Seth Derusseau (116)

6 Completed2 Reviews

I've started hiking as a hobby over a year ago and have hiked seven trails, and Fancy Creek's trail blew my cosmos. I didn't even feel like I was in Kansas anymore. Be warned, it's a rocky, dynamic, and elevated experience.

Jonah Wagner (114)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Great trail

Dale Siebert (190)

8 Completed5 Reviews

Fun trail, pretty easy. Most of the trail is in cedar and old growth trees. Moderate hills and there is camping right there too. great for family hiking and camping.