Berea Forest Trail

#2 of 10 trails in Natural Bridge State Park
Berea Forest Trail is a 6.8 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Berea, KY that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

6.8 miles 1374 feet Loop
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Chris Gullette
15 days ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

Went up the harder west pinnacle trail and had a great day. Challenging areas and beautiful lookouts. All and all intermediate

Jimmy Roberts
1 month ago

6 Completed1 Reviews

Lily Jordan
1 month ago

5 Completed0 Reviews

Beautiful area! Lots of options for shorter hikes or you can do them all and get a couple good miles in. One of the trails is closed I think?

Billie Hunter
1 month ago

1 Completed0 Reviews

Amazing views. Can't believe I've lived in Kentucky all my life and have never known about these trails until now. We went to the West Pinnacle. Well worth the hike. I plan to return here again and again in every season to take more beautiful pictures.

Kacey Hart
2 months ago

21 Completed3 Reviews

Love this trail. Family friendly with awesome views

Jimmy Roberts
2 months ago

6 Completed1 Reviews

Jon Gaddis
3 months ago

23 Completed19 Reviews

There are two different trail access points to Indian Fort Mountain. One is obviously Indian Fort Theater, the other is the West Pinnacle trailhead located at the intersection of Big Hill Road and Gabbardtown Road (in the corner of the parking lot of the civic center or whatever that building is, there's a paved trail for bikers, just walk up it until you cross the wooden bridge and then look to your left). The GPS coordinates for Indian Ft Theater are 37.554262,-84.240825, if you're an out of towner you might have trouble finding Indian Ft Theater via lack of visual landmarks.

As for the trail, the Pinnacles remain some of the best hiking in Kentucky for the views. There's no camping, but this place is certainly my favorite for day hiking. Be careful up there, people have died, the falls are lethal.

Nicole Müller
3 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Even though it's January it's absolutely breath taking when you reach the top. My favorite part was being able to take my dog for the first time hiking and how beautiful east pinnacle is.

Marissa Potter
4 months ago

6 Completed7 Reviews

One of my favorite places to hike at with an amazing view!!!

Sue W.
6 months ago

First time here, I'd rate some of moderate to strenuous. Uphill trails. Beautiful!

Danielle Stahl
6 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Don Sniegowski
7 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great views

Pete Ackerman
8 months ago

6 Completed3 Reviews

Bruce J.
11 months ago

Abby Principe
1 year ago

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1 year ago

10 Completed7 Reviews

So far, my all time favorite trail just because of the spectacular views and elevation changes. Can be very strenuous for newbie hikers. The first part of the trail from the parking lot is pretty rough for first timers, and then the three major trails you can take up after that have their own difficulties. There are 5 main points everyone should check out: West Pinnacle, Indian Fort Lookout, Eagle's Nest, Buzzards' Roost and East Pinnacle. You can visit them all anywhere from 2 hours - 5 hours (depending on quickly you go, how long you take in the view, how many people you're with). Supposedly the trails close before nightfall, but every time I've been there late there are almost always people still hiking.

Bobby Haddix
1 year ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

Myself and 3 friends did the popular part of this trail. The initial climb is pretty tough right out of the parking lot and through a small camping area. Once up to where the trail splits it levels out. We choose the West Pinnacle first. Very flat and smooth hiking all the way to the point where you reach the West Pinnacle. View from West Pinnacle was not really the greatest and you have to scale your way up through rocks to reach the summit for the view. We left the West Pinnacles and trekked back down the same trail since there were no trail maps available. When we got back to the trail split we headed to the right and up to the East Pinnacles. The trail had a slight to moderate incline all the way up until you reach what I like to refer to as The Sunlight (most of the trails we covered were canopy covered). Here it levels out and leads to one last incline that levels out around the East Pinnacle! View from the East Pinnacle was much better and very photogenic! Looking forward to going back in the future and trekking to the other destination locations within the trail system.

Becky Terry
2 years ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

I bring my dogs here each time I come. The beginning is challenging as it's all uphill. Once you reach the middle of the mountain, to see the overlook take a right, then it is a flat walk until you reach another uphill which leads you to the overlook. It's pretty rough but well worth it.

Grace McKenzie
2 years ago

4 Completed2 Reviews

Local folks call this The Pinnacle and you'll see a lot of locals here on a warm day... and some on cold days as well. East Pinnacle at sunrise is amazing... West Pinnacle at sunset also amazing. Berea College gives students a day off to hike in October. If you know how to navigate it, you could make a loop of it, but I usually go to one Pinnacle or the other on any particular day.

Gail A.
2 years ago

We parked in an unmarked lot that said something about Indian Fort. Once on the trail, what fun! We visited all the sites - West Pinnacle, East Pinnacle, Buzzard Roost, Eagle's Nest (my favorite). I wouldn't call this trail a loop, but we managed to find our way back to the car. Most turns were well marked. Some steep climbs, but not so much that you wanted to stop. The views were definitely worth the trip!