Otter Creek Trail

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Otter Creek Trail is a 4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Brandenburg, KY that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

4.0 miles 423 feet Loop
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Travis Hampton
2 months ago

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The park is closed Monday and Tuesdays except holidays

Joe S
3 months ago

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One of our more favorite trails in Kentucky. Nice scenery of water coming down the hill from Morgan's Cave, the high vie of the Ohio River Bend and then Otter Creek with fly fishermen and wildlife. Its about a 10 mile loop though, the 7.5 doesn't cover the linking of the OTC in the valley.

Charles McCarthy
7 months ago

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Loved it! The section I covered from just below the highway down along the West Bank of the creek to the Ohio River and then back up a ridge and down a horse trail to the creek again was amazing! It rained most of the trek. Was very private!!
Multiple trails which are color coded and numbered. Definitely will return there.

David Dahl
9 months ago

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Very poor marking; we ended up losing the trail for a couple miles where it meets up with the RCT. There was a million spider webs cutting across the trail (seriously, after having about 20 to 30 spiderwebs with spiders that you in the face... It gets old!). There was a tree that had fallen over the trail. It was about 4 1/2 feet diameter that was pretty challenging to get over.

Now for the good stuff; beautiful trail, we liked walking next to the creek, some challenging spot at times, but that's part of the fun and we had a blast!

Nick Iverson
10 months ago

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Pretty crappy trails. But a beautiful hike.

Stephanie White
11 months ago

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Good variety of trails but not marked as well. Cost $3.00 per person. Brought my dogs and had a blast!

Tim Campbell
11 months ago

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Jennie Buis
2 years ago

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I have hiked both the OCT and the VOT trails, seen the cave (off of the Otter creek trail where the drop looks like all rock below, go down the steps, cross the road and down more steps there is a information sign, you will find it across from the creek up on that hill) it is closed now you cannot enter it but all the same nice to read about and see. Also if you want to go straight where the train tracks are on the OCT trail there you can go down to the Ohio river beautiful spot you will walk right under the train tracks but will have to back track to get back in the loop of OCT.... the second time we hiked we seen the wild life up close one instance was a copperhead snake (close to the beginning by the river and rocks where the path is narrow right after the homemade stairs) I walked right next to and passed it but the the person behind seen it and stopped, was approx 3 ft long and after it passed we ventured on (got my heart pumping). a few deer have also been seen, that was enjoyable! It is a great place to see nature and also get a great workout, there are places you will have to climb a few rough hills, rock ledges, and climb over downed trees on the OCT trail , The VOT was not as challenging but still a great workout with hills and at the top the lookout it's beautiful all I can say is go, take plenty of water and a snack ,bug repellent, and good comfortable shoes we usually do eight to 10 miles hiking... We have always started at the picnic water area named Garnettsville (great place to get your feet wet, cool off ,cook out, restroom area), Just start out following the creek and the OCT signs. Towards the end of the Otter creek trail when the trail splits off and goes down hill towards the water take it back to the parking area or else you will start all over again on Oct and have to back track once again it is not marked! .. MAPS at the gate when you enter are Free , it is $3 a day for 12+ under is free , Cheap fun if you ask me, love this place!!!!! One tiny thing ...they could put more markers on the hiking paths as stated in previous reviews it is not marked well In places.

Art MacAilein
3 years ago

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This is a good moderate trail with a fair amount of terrain change. However, the park is no longer free for public use. It's now owned by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. It was formerly a nature preserve but is now open to Hunters. Cost of admission into the park is a ridiculous $3 per person per day.

Tim St Louis
3 years ago

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The trail was very nice. We especially enjoyed deviating from the trail to see Morgan's cave and the natural spring. The trail takes you up along the Ohio River for some time. Very scenic, with plenty of wildlife. You do pass a number of cabins that are used for a wilderness camp but there was no other traffic on the trail and we were out all day.

Gerald Campbell
3 years ago

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Great trails, lots of little things that you can hike off the trail to see, differently going back and bringing my dog and hitting a couple other little trails. Only thing to complain about is that some of the trails off the valley overlook aren't marked very well so you don't know where you going, but u end up in the loop so it all works out. Great place.

Daniel Davignon
3 years ago

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Great trails, and there a lot to chose from. I did the Valley Over Look trail today, the creek also has pretty good fishing so pack your rod.

Ricky Best
3 years ago

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Had a great time at Otter Park. The cost to Mountain Bike is $10. Great work out on the trails. Just remember to use bug repellent to keep the ticks away. This last winter was mild so the ticks are out in force this year.

Shawn Turillo
4 years ago

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excellent cardiovascular workout good scenery about 4 or 5 trails that give different views costs 3.00 per person for a day pass. well worth it.

Ken Quire
4 years ago

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a fun easy trail, the view of the Ohio river before you climb down is awesome! not a well marked trail though

Cecil W.
4 years ago

Good solid running trail

Tabitha Kelley
4 years ago

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I have hiked this trail numerous times and I am always able to find new surroundings,nomatter what time of year. Heads up fellow hikers- Otter Creek is closed on Monday & Tuesdays! 6-16-11)

Chris Willman
5 years ago

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Great little loop trail takes you through multiple biomes including lowland pine to old growth sycamore and tulip poplar. Beautiful scenery w/ plenty of water. Bikers tend to spoil your serene retreat though with clanking chains and damaged trail at times.

David B.
5 years ago

The outer loop trial at Otter Creek is just one of many trials that they have at Otter Creek. You have so many treats along the way such as a long walk along Otter Creek, a beautiful hill top view of the Ohio Valley and a walk through lush pine forests. This is one of my favorite hikes. Make sure you take water and any snacks for your trip. I can not wait for the park to open up again, because I will find myself on this trail many more times. This is a great trail for someone who has never walked any sort of distance and would like to get used to more distance walking. It really is not that hard and can be easily hiked in 4 to 5 hours or longer if you want to stop and do a few more things along the way. There is a cave you can visit and a side trail that leads to where Otter Creek empties into the Ohio River and many more. A great hike and well worth the time.

Angie Hopperton
5 years ago

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It's a great trail to take someone for a first longer-length day-hike; it's not too strenuous, and it offers a wide variety of scenes from the river, to the forest, to the creek that empties into the river, to a picturesque pine forest. Bring bug spray, water, and snacks in the summer. It's also a great mountain bike trail for moderately skilled riders - the trail along the creek is a little narrow, but exciting.

It's worth the extra trek to drive to the lodge, go to the railroad tracks, and walk east along the tracks for a bit - you'll see the ruins of an old train wreck. If you're into that sort of thing.