Tioga Falls Hiking Trail

#1 of 3 trails in Fort Hill City Park
Wooded trail, high train trestles, 130 ft waterfall.

2.1 miles Loop 275 feet
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Very nice hike through a hardwood forest. About 1/3 of a mile from the trailhead, the trail splits to form the loop. I recommend taking the left trail first, which will get the climb over with so that it is all downhill from there. This loop trail passes by 2 large train trestles that are still operational, but please stay off of the tracks. You will soon pass by an old set of stone steps, these steps lead downhill to remnents of an old spring house near the creek below. This was used as a stopping place for carriages in the 19th century.

After about a mile you will come to the Tioga Falls, which is actually a series of falls, or even a cascade if the water flow is light. From top to bottom, the Falls are about 130 feet high. At this point the trail turns and loops back to the trailhead. The lower portion of the loop follows Tioga Creek, for approximately 1/2 mile. The trail soon reconnects, leading back to the parking area.

Lauren Thompson

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Disregard my rating. Just an FYI post...
It was in the local news that this trail has recently reopened, but I have not been yet. Some friends who went out with their children posted some pictures and they seemed to have a nice time.

Charles McCarthy

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Trail is on Ft. Knox Military Reservation and currently closed to the public -- though the I rail looks used. Tried calling the base but no answer. Shares an access parking with Turnpike Hiking Trail which is also closed.

Alex Wit

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Missy Meier

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still closed

Dewey Collins

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Seems this trail is still closed. Call (502) 624-3629 before you go.

Marea Kinney-Vegan

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As of may 19th, closed for Blasting (?). I drove the extra 45 south from my already 2 hour drive to Louisville to see the falls. Epic fail and disappointment to learn it was closed.

Bridget Perkins

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I first hiked this when i was in high school and many years later i still love it. It's always nice seeing the waterfall at the end.

Billy Gnagie

10 Completed1 Reviews

still closed, tried to go today. :(

Krista Carbon

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Always a fun time to take a short hike hike to a beautiful little waterfall!

Renee Barrett

16 Completed3 Reviews

I hiked a few years ago and it was a nice walk but I drove out a few weeks ago and it was closed! wish they would open it again.