Comite Park Trail

#1 of 2 trails in Comite River Park
Comite Park Trail is a 6 mile loop trail located near Baton Rouge, LA. The trail is rated as moderate offers a number of activity options.

6.0 miles 423 feet Loop
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David Mercadel

1 Completed1 Reviews

** KEYS **
I found a set of keys on the trail today for a Toyota. There's a saint charm on the keychain if you can tell me the saint I'll hand them over to you.

Kris Hutchinson

2 Completed2 Reviews

I ran the trails today! They are so close to me and I finally completed them. Today I had 70 degree sunny weather and I was pouring with sweat. The sign says for walkers and runners to do the course backwards. Since there were so few people there I just started at the trailhead instead. The trail is VERY technical and small hills. These trails are certainly catering towards the bikes and not the runners but they were still fun. The few people I did see there were friendly and ready to give directions. I'll be back! :)

Julie Archila

1 Completed1 Reviews

Nice place, my first time going anywhere like this in Baton Rouge. Did get a little confused though because I followed the sign to walk the trail opposite to cyclists. Otherwise, nice hike!

Jesse Puckett

29 Completed36 Reviews

Good trail for a beginner or expert to get some miles in. They really maximize some elevation changes in a flat area. That said, I rode it on a single speed and had no issue with any of the climbs.

Extremely fun at times, fast and flowing, I will be back especially at night.

Marylynn Waddle

8 Completed6 Reviews

Great trail for hiking! We took the dogs and they enjoyed it! Watch out for bikers though. There's also a beach here which is really nice to take a break and enjoy at marker 6!

Rachelle Berkley

12 Completed6 Reviews

Loved hiking this trail with our dog - just be ready to hop out of the way of cyclists!

Todd Thomas

6 Completed10 Reviews

Haven't been on the app lately but road the trail today, actually not in bad shape even with the rain! I've been riding it two to three times a week. Plan to be out there tomorrow after work as well! Around 5ish if anyone else wants to join!!

Todd Thomas

6 Completed10 Reviews

The trails were in great shape even with all the rain we've had lately! A couple of trees done, one over the trails but no mud! Had a awesome ride! Peace out and pedal hard!

Todd Thomas

6 Completed10 Reviews

Hello everyone, just wanted to inform you all that the "BEAST" is all that! The trail needs to dry out a little bit more but all in all that trail ROCK! Very intense and extreme in many areas, not for all riders! I will be hitting the comite in the morning probably around if anyone wants to know more ab the "BEAST" hit me up!! Peace out and pedal hard!

Todd Thomas

6 Completed10 Reviews

Hey everyone, had it in my mind is was coming out there this morning but I decided instead I'm going to St Francisville to hit the "Beast" I hear it's the toughest and nicest around!! I will let y'all know later how it is!! Peace out and pedal hard!