Hooper Road Park

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Hooper Road Park is a 10 mile trail located near Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the intersection of Hooper Road and Mickens. It connects to Comite River trails which has an additional 5 miles of trails. Used for mountain biking but runners and hikers are welcome too.

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Amanda Zachary (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

We hiked this in May 2013 with our kids, 5 and 7. We were celebrating our 7- year old going into complete remission from leukemia! We didn't realize it was a look that had no choice but to finish. It is also primarily a bike trail. Regardless, this was an excellent trail. It was a little hard at the end for our son-the cancer survivor, so I carried him, but our 5-year old ran a lot of it.

Wendy Hackett (39)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Just got back from taking the dogs out on these trails. If your hiking wear proper shoes as it does get a bit mucky in some areas. Gorgeous setting, nicely maintained paths and great variety of elevations and difficulty. The dogs had a ball and Mom got a perfect work out.

Jesse Puckett (1102)

29 Completed36 Reviews

Really nice trail in the Baton Rouge area. If you are a beginner they have trails for you...they also have trails that are geared toward the expert level. follow the map and you should be fine.

There are a lot of bail out trails as well so if you just want to get a few miles and that will work to.

If you wanted to you could ride from here to the comite trails. Look for the comite connection at the power line trail section.

last time I was out here it was too
muddy to ride the whole trail.... I'm glad I tried it again because it's worth it.

Kathleen Doran (116)

1 Completed1 Reviews

How late is it open

Ashley Ward (120)

5 Completed1 Reviews

Pretty decent trails, just avoid going after rainy weather. The experience was more swamp running than trail running but still had a great time and a solid workout.

Emily Fransen (45)

5 Completed1 Reviews

Great trail to hike with the dog. Just watch out for bikers...didn't always get a lot of warning when they were around.

Angela Kennedy (167)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Awesome day hike for myself and the dog. Bring bug spray and listen for bikers!

Jesse Puckett (1102)

29 Completed36 Reviews

Was here in February. Looks like a great trail to ride... But noddy in areas and hard to folly the trail through some parts. Has some good climbing an drops too. Overall a good ride for BR. But make sure it's been dry. And bring inspect repellant.

Bruce Brashier (82)

6 Completed1 Reviews

Great trail for Baton Rouge area.

Rachelle Berkley (946)

12 Completed6 Reviews

My husband and I take our dog hiking here and love it!