Burnt Meadow Mountain Trail

#5 of 385 trails in White Mountain National Forest

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Burnt Meadow Mountain Trail is a 2.4 mile out and back trail located near Brownfield, Maine that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

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Donna Murphy (148)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great hike moderately steep in some areas.. Would definitely do this one again

Sean Berry (351)

16 Completed9 Reviews

awesome hike up the blue trail with views. the yellow trail on the way down not as awesome. It took like 4 hours with my two young kids. Blue trail seemed faster.

Gavin Danaher (83)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great hike. I believe it's longer than 2.4 miles. Hiked w three young kids, up blue, down yellow, almost four hours.

Amie Kane (64)

29 Completed1 Reviews

Great Hike! I also recommend taking the Blue Trail up and Yellow Trail down. I would rate this more towards a difficult hike up and moderate down. Gorgeous mountain views!

Derek G. (69)

Great views at the top. Wanted a challenge for my 4 year-old and me, so we went the blue trail both up and down. She loved that she had to use both hands and feet in a few spots going up, but I had to hold her hand in a few spots coming down.

Rose Leung (115)

9 Completed3 Reviews

Great hike, I took blue up and yellow down. I hiked the mountain with my dog and found a few spots a bit rugged for her, but she made it. The views were great and the blueberries were delicious.

peter leonard (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great trail, fantastic views. Just a word of caution this year. Ran into a yellow jackets nest halfway between the stone mt spur and burnt meadow trails on the the twin brook trail. Dog and girlfriend got stung right on the trail. Hike this all the time and love it. 30lb beagle mix can handle the rocks just fine. Just keep moving when on the yellow trail!

Clare Kenny (109)

18 Completed1 Reviews

One of my all-time favorite hikes! It's good for all ages and is the perfect day hike if you're looking for something that is short but somewhat challenging!

Ric Teves (262)

5 Completed4 Reviews

Great hike. If there was a moderate plus category, this would qualify. We were on Douglas two days before and that was rated moderate. Not so much compared to this trail. Definitely blue up and yellow down, thanks to other reviewers! For those who might like a less intense adventure, yellow up, yellow down!!!!!

Lynn Wright (111)

6 Completed5 Reviews

Love Burnt Meadow. Yellow is tough at the top for my 4 legged friend but he can make it with a push. Amazing overlooks. There is another new trail that will take you to the lower but no less beautiful peak to the south.