Morse Mountain

Phippsburg, ME
Morse Mountain is a 3.5 mile out and back trail located near Phippsburg, ME that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible year-round.

3.5 miles 390 feet Out & Back
no dogs hiking walking beach forest river
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Jacqueline Jones
7 days ago

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Georgia Walker
12 days ago

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The trail is easy but the length may limit some people - especially small children. The beach at the end of the trail has entirely different looks depending on the tide. When there at low tide you can walk way out in the bay and get a unique perspective. It can be very busy. That is the main reason for only 3 stars from me.

Samantha Ouellette
27 days ago

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Beautiful trail that we take our boys (3, 6 and 7 years) on. A little much for our 3 year old, but we love the beach at the end of the trail. Very rewarding!

Bill Bonenfant
1 month ago

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awesome hike. this guide is wrong, big sign in parking lot, dogs are NOT allowed.

Mark Ireland
5 months ago

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This hike offers so much variety. Over the course of a few miles, you hike across a salt marsh, along large rock ledges, through conifers, up over a small mountain (which you can optionally bypass). From this open vantage point you can look down to the saltmarsh you crossed, out to open ocean. On a clear day you see the White Mountains. The beach itself feels almost like it is your own. Think about it, with a 40 car maximum, you're sharing a pretty large beach with maybe 80 people on a peak summer day. Other times I've been there and seen maybe a dozen people. Plus, because of the effort to get there, people aren't set up with tons of gear. I suspect the people you see are outdoorsy and environmentally conscious people who care about this preserve. If you love the beach, but not so much the crowds, noise and hubbub, this is an amazing spot!

Margaret Colford
8 months ago

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Love this hike. It's overall an easy hike with a few steeper inclines. The trail itself is predominantly a rough tarred road with some hard packed dirt sections. The overlook at the summit is beautiful on a clear day as you view marsh tributaries down to the ocean. The beach at the end can be walked all the way to Popham Beach but beware of high tide as it can cut you off from a return. The main trail also can be overrun when the tide comes in though it can still be passed. Best to check the tide schedule before the trip. The parking lot holds about 30-40 cars. They will turn you away on busy days. The attendant on Friday said he turned at least 80 cars away the prior Sunday so plan to arrive early on nice summer days. Excellent easy trail for a family. No pets and no facilities so carry in/carry out.

Allison Plummer
8 months ago

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Shawn Letourneau
1 year ago

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Was nice hike with some steep portions. We went in November and didn't see much wildlife, but was great because there were hardly any people. Nice and quite. There are some marshes and some steep hills to clime in some areas and a beautiful view of the ocean at the end/mid-point of the trail. You can add more to the trail by walking down the beach or the small roads for viewing areas. Nice to see conservation/research that is keeping the area protected. Just a side note because we didn't know this before we went....They want everyone to wear something that is hunter orange, since some hunting does take place in this area. Also, we had to cross about 5" of water on one portion in the marsh on the way back because the tide had come in. So if you also plan/don't plan on getting your feet wet (another group had been walking barefoot and in shorts on the beach despite the brisk weather) then I suggest bringing something to get through the water. Luckily I had just bought some new tall hiking boots from Freeport and they were just tall enough to keep my feet dry :)

Richard Abrams
1 year ago

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This hike is mostly on a road with very nice views of forest, marsh, mountain peak and beach.

Sharon Randall
1 year ago

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This is a really nice walk through marsh, woods and onto a Seawall Beach. Beware! The bugs, mosquitoes and Greenheads are fierce!

Paul Lauze
1 year ago

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No Dogs. I didn't know this. luckily we found a place nearby. next time I will have to leave the pooch at home

Jennifer Sherwood
2 years ago

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Easy hike to the cleanest, quietest beach in Maine. Plus there is no charge. They are strict about what you bring in in terms of beach gear (effects families with younger children). Also, bring bug spray, they are pretty bad almost all the time.