Mount Battie Trail

Camden, ME

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Front trail is a great little hike! Some scrambling needed but really accessible to everyone. You can also DRIVE up to the top from the Camden Hills State Park (Route 1 North) side if you wish. Great view of Penobscot bay and downtown Camden.

The front trail is a little off the road so not a lot of people use it. It has a very small parking lot, but it's just a great little trail. Check my "Tracks" to see the trail route. The one shown on the map is the Park Road, which you can hike for free if you wish.

From downtown Camden head up Mountain St. and take Left of Spring Street. (only a mile or 2 out of town). On Spring street take a Left on Megunticook st. (It looks and feels like you are driving up a private driveway but you're not! There is very small parking lot at the trail head.

tiny=4 or 5 cars tops. Outhouse available at top of mountain near stone Tower. Tons of parking at top of mountain via the State Park Road.



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very short but very steep, tower is cool and has good views of camden harbor, fun time all around.



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Great trail. Starts outside the park and ends at the top of the mountain, which should be noted for those who go from the park down.



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This is a great vertical scramble on the southern side of Camden Hills State Park.

I would strongly discourage you from bringing dogs on this route. It's way too vertical. You are much better off going to the main entrance of the State Park and enjoying the trails that start there.



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