Pleasant Mountain

Denmark, ME

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Pleasant Mountain is a 4.9 mile out and back trail located near Denmark, Maine. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking.

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Dani Wyman (416)

11 Completed11 Reviews

Ledges Trail can be tough for some, wasn't a good choice to do for my first hike of the season back in May, but the summit is worth the effort. The worst part is the final stretch after you reach the first viewpoint. You can climb up the ladder at the fire tower on top, but it's not for the faint of heart!

Amy Olfene (597)

9 Completed3 Reviews

Stunning views at the outlook and summit; got some amazing photos! Did this as my first winter hike immediately after fresh snow, which made it a bit more difficult than normal. We were one of maybe two or three people on the trail that day.

Kyle McLain (232)

6 Completed7 Reviews

Hiked the Ledges trail to the summit a few times. In the winter this relatively steep trail gets pretty icy so be prepared. Overall a moderately challenging hike in the winter and summer with very rewarding views along the way.

Chris Willette (237)

27 Completed2 Reviews

Hiked the Ledges trail to the main peak on 5/2/15. I found this to be more enjoyable than other trails on this mountain as it offers amazing views on the way up. Great ledges to stop and have a snack or just to take a break and enjoy the view. Took me roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes including a 15 minute break at the main peak. Just 50 minutes or so from Portland!

Holly D. (280)

14 Completed12 Reviews

Erin Jessen (164)

2 Completed2 Reviews

We were so happy we got up and went hiking this morning and this was the one we chose !!! It was random and it was totally perfect !! Very steady incline that could feel very steep to beginners. It was slippery due to wet leaves, pine needles and ice but very clear cut path and well marked ! We ran into a few hikers and their furry campions but it was a very quiet and peaceful hike. It's a picture stopper for sure from start to finish.

Rachael Stein (169)

5 Completed4 Reviews

Oh my gosh. This was HARD! Of course, I'm used to the Eastern Shore of Maryland (i.e., flat), but I only made it about halfway up... I think we were on the Bald Peak trail? Whichever one has blue blazes. It was beautiful but NOT easy.

Linda Hallinan (124)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Awesome afternoon on the Southwest Ridge Trail. Found the trailhead and parking lot using the navigation from AllTrails app really easily- parking lot on the right across from a few mailboxes. Trail well marked and easy to find. Yellow blazes and rock cairns were super clear and totally appreciated - would have been lost for sure without them. With a late start, I thought I'd only have time for the southwest peak, but pushed on when passers-by spoke of blueberries and a not too far off summit. Overall, yes, needed to take a breath every now and again but the views are totally worth the effort. Would definitely do again and explore other routes down/up + needle. Mosquitos not awful in early August but I was prepared with some Deet; haven't discovered any ticks yet.

Tim Norwood (485)

30 Completed6 Reviews

good little hike, more strenuous than i was expecting but only 30 minutes ascending big bald peak trail. views weren't that great but definitely worth it for the blueberries!

Jim Bailey (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

We parked in the small dirt parking lot on Denmark Road and hiked the Southwest Ridge Trail. Early July, 2014. A moderate trail. Grassy in a lot of places, but we (the 6 of us) did not get any ticks. Lots of ledge so this could be confusing on a rainy/foggy day. It was about 80, dry, and breezy. It is an up/down/up hike meaning a false summit. From the watertower at the peak we phoned my dad to pick us up at the bottom of the Bald Peak Trail which will brings you to the east side of the mountain. Realize that it is almost a one mile northerly walk (up and down) along the ridge before it goes down for good. All is very well marked. When it gets serious about going down, the Bald Peak Trail is very steep and probably slippery if it has rained recently. The Needles cave is definitetly worthwhile and only a hundred yards of the trail. Traverse, meaning go perpendicular to the BPT, as I started goingf downhill, which go me briefly lost before I saw the cave above me. The cave looks like a big shoebox with a waterfall in it. The end of the trail on the shawnee peak road is not far after that. I think it was 5 miles total. A good one for my 10, 12 yr old and my wife.