Precipice Trail

#2 of 126 trails in Acadia National Park

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Precipice Trail is a 1.8 mile point-to-point trail located near Bar Harbor, Maine that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking & rock climbing and is accessible from August until March.

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Jess s (664)

12 Completed2 Reviews

This is by far the best trail on east coast if you like a strenuous climb, and not afraid of high. Most part of "hiking' is really a non-technical climbing with some help of handrails and ladders bolted in to the rocks. At beginning part of the trail, it is a rock scrambling with a steep vertical climb. Challenging, but very rewarding. This is a must climb trail everytime I visit the region. If you like the trail, it is closed in summer months for Falcon nesting, and opens in mid August. At peak, take north ridge trail and connect to black and orange trail, it will take you back to the lower part of precipice. The black and organ trail is also very interesting hike. Lots stairs to help you up/down the path. The whole loop is a good workout. But it is worth the effort!

Jamie Atkins (745)

26 Completed27 Reviews

Very strenuous hike. Almost more of a climb. The first obstacle is a good test of whether the trail is for you or not. You can skirt around it, but they don't get much easier. We went on a wet, cold, October afternoon. We made it about 3/4 to the top, but the fading daylight and wet, slippery rocks became too much for us. There are many places with a cable, handrail, or chain. There are also many sloping rock faces with dangerous exposed rock faces that, when wet, become a little concerning. We saw a few hikers with knee pads, not a bad idea! Great views, great adventure, great trail.

Serenity Coyne (500)

21 Completed5 Reviews

By far the best "hike" on Mt Desert Island. Not for the faint of heart. Extremely strenuous hike to the vertical ladders bolted into the rock. This trail goes straight up the rock cliff. It is closed for Peregrine Falcons in summer. I've done this trail both in winter and fall. I did descend via the North Ridge to the black and orange trail to the lower Precipice trail. The views of the ocean are just breath taking. A must do when in the region!!!

Jose Bubel (356)

73 Completed5 Reviews

A+ all the way. I went after a heavy rain and slippery it was. between the water and leaves made it more exciting. Highly recommended. Hiked back on North ridge Trail to the Orange and Black Path which cuts back over to the Precipice Trail. Very rewarding.

Marc Maheu (451)

10 Completed12 Reviews

I did this a little differently than everyone else that has written a review. I did the lower half of the Precipice trail and instead of doing the upper half, I took the longer Champlain North Ridge trail. This change added some distance but, Unfortunately cuts out se of the climbing aspects of the climb. The leaves were changing, the weather beautiful and the few people I met on the trail were very friendly- looking forward to getting back to Bar Harbor next summer and doing this one again.

Gail A. (792)

This is my favorite. You get a GREAT workout during the climb (note that it's a climb, not a hike), then you are rewarded with gorgeous views of the ocean. Doesn't get any better than this!

Ashley Bleimes (255)

21 Completed4 Reviews

We hit this trail early and it wasn't very crowded at all. Officially a non-technical climb, the trail is short but very, very sweet.

Heather Carr (510)

11 Completed2 Reviews

An amazing "hike". I'd categorize it as more of a climb. Very scary at times, but worth it.

Alan Perkins (1430)

291 Completed10 Reviews

A terrific "hike" which in the upper reaches is more of a non-technical rock climb. Not accessible during the Peregrine nesting season. Worth the effort. Wonderful views all the way up. You should not attempt this if you don't like to climb vertical ladders or traverse 2 foot wide shelves with a lot of exposure. There are rails to hang on to an the shelves. Not for those with fear of heights.

Sean B (76)

1 Completed1 Reviews

This is by far my favorite short trail in the northeast. Well worth the 6 hour drive from Boston on any day!