Rattlesnake Mountain

Raymond, ME

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Easy hike, close to Portland

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Christopher Chudzik (233)

10 Completed4 Reviews

Good hike, little steep for my 4 year old but she made it ok. We only went as far as the geocache. We did not top out. My wife and I hiked with out 1 year old twins on our back and it was way past nap time. Some trees across the trail that you have to step over or climb over depending on your size.

Becky Evans (115)

5 Completed4 Reviews


Jesse Murch (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

It was a great hike. Nice steep incline but not to difficult for kids or people out of shape. The views were wicked nice and I would recommend to walk a bit further and go to the second view point. It was well marked and easy to follow the paths. It didn't take that long and the views were well worth it. I would definitely hike it again!

Liz Bucco (61)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful view, pretty steep incline but worth it!

Beth Molina (207)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Not a bad hike. Great for a short hike with a decent view. There really isn't any trail ending per se.

Derek G. (69)

Pretty easy trail with some great views. I've hiked this a couple times with my daughter when she was 3 and now that she's 4. It's challenging enough to keep her interest and the views at the top are rewarding. A tip - at the top there is a pretty good lookout overlooking Crescent Lake to the east. If you keep going on the trail through the woods (it's probably about another 3/4 of a mile), there is another lookout that overlooks Panther Pond, Thomas Pond, and Sebago Lake to the south. I missed this the first two times hiking this mountain, but my daughter was feeling adventurous the last time and we discovered this lookout. It was well worth the extra trek through the woods, especially considering we had the view to ourselves. On the way to the second lookout, there's a side trail to the right where you can see Mt. Washington just over the trees. It's not much of a view, but the side trail is probably about 100 yards long, so it's worth checking out.

Chris Willette (237)

27 Completed2 Reviews

D Rainey (124)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Great Trail! Great day for a hike & pretty easy trail for most anyone to hike. Blueberries are in season!!

Brian O'Toole (148)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Great trail! Awesome views, good workout, a great day hike! ! Two thumbs up! Three if I had a third thumb

Daria Semenov (166)

4 Completed3 Reviews

The trail is mostly uphill and very rocky at times. Its an easy path to follow and the view before you get to the top is breathtaking