Rattlesnake Mountain

Easy hike, close to Portland

2.4 miles 557 feet Out & Back
dog friendly hiking
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An easy hike from the parking lot to the best view - about 1/2 mile. The view looks over Panther lake and towards Raymond. Could be slippery in the winter as the viewing ledge has a slope to it. I found this a disappointing hike as there is no view from the summit which is an additional 1/2 mile from the best view.

This is a good hike for small children as it is short and there is a good view within a 1/2 mile from the parking lot. As you can see from the map there is one spot where it is a little steep.

There is a nicely placed Geocache on this hike which you can read about at:


David D.

David D.

Caraline Flaherty

21 Completed3 Reviews

Amy Osborne

42 Completed2 Reviews

Wonderful for little hikers.

Tayla Diamond

1 Completed1 Reviews

My lake house is in Raymond, ME. The highlight to our Fall/Springs are hiking up this mountain. It is great for the whole family and the views from the top are AMAZING. We have brought our dog on the hike as well. (She loves it more than we do I feel) The best foliage I've seen at the top is always in October hiking up this mountain.

Erin Drouin

2 Completed2 Reviews

Quick but steep hike. Good view of the lakes.

Heather H.

Paul Logan

1 Completed1 Reviews

Steep hike, but short. Great for

Dani Wyman

23 Completed21 Reviews

One of my all time favorite hikes because it's short and usually never crowded. Alas, I have found another way up besides the Bri-Mar trail! If you go down to the end of Coffee Pond Road, which is off Webb Mills, maybe a mile away from the Bri-Mar trail, you'll notice there's kind of a turn-around. Where the turn-around is, there's an old logging road that has a white PVC pipe and chain going across it. If you take that trail up about .5 miles, it splits and you'll want to bear to the left (it's not an immediate left), the trail continues (you'll see some red blazes on trees to your left which I assume is a property line) and converges with another trail (i believe there were rocks stacked to mark this), take the right which pretty much is a bee-line up to the summit. It will take you right to the same viewpoint as the Bri-Mar trail does, only from the other side. You'll notice another trail as you come up the summit to your right. This trail (if you bear to your right the whole time), takes you to another viewpoint, which is spectacular and very private. We were happy to find a little camping chair up there too! This viewpoint is probably 10 minutes away from the first one, so definetly check it out if you have the time. The trail I described took us maybe 30-40 minutes to hike up from the end of coffee pond road, and although it's a little overgrown, it wasn't that steep at all and amazingly fun to run back down. Hope this helps for those with small children!

Patrick Sweeney

7 Completed4 Reviews

nice hike for kids.