Rattlesnake Mountain

Raymond, ME
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Easy hike, close to Portland

An easy hike from the parking lot to the best view - about 1/2 mile. The view looks over Panther lake and towards Raymond. Could be slippery in the winter as the viewing ledge has a slope to it. I found this a disappointing hike as there is no view from the summit which is an additional 1/2 mile from the best view.

This is a good hike for small children as it is short and there is a good view within a 1/2 mile from the parking lot. As you can see from the map there is one spot where it is a little steep.

There is a nicely placed Geocache on this hike which you can read about at:


Guide books show this as the Sheep Pasture trail. The trail head says that this is the Bri-Mar Trail. You can find the trailhead on the left side of Route 85 if you are heading North out of Raymond. The parking lot is less than 2 miles from the Crescent Lake boat launch.

The trail is privately maintained. Please observe the posted rules ... a picture of them is posted here.




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The trail is mostly uphill and very rocky at times. Its an easy path to follow and the view before you get to the top is breathtaking



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This place has beauty all of it's own. It was a very peace hike , with a nice tree lined path . With a view at the top to take your breath away.



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Easy trail, short out and back. Great for dogs! Good view from upper lookout, but summit is trees.



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Hiked this trail today and had a fabulous time. No issues with being misled on the trails, the weather was beautiful, the hike was perfect and the view was fantastic. We will definitely do this again soon. Rocks and trees are marked with blue paint, there are a few red arrows and if a trail has a tree across it, don't take it. :)

Here's a link to my blog outlining our adventure (with pictures) feel free to browse. http://adventureswithrenee.blogspot.com/2012/09/hiking-rattlesnake-mountain-raymond.html



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Did this on Saturday and it was awesome! My 4 year old even enjoyed it.



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Really nice easy hike, however, the trails are not that well marked but it is a nice hike with great views



2 Completed 2 Reviews