Speckled Mountain Trail

#31 of 385 trails in White Mountain National Forest

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Speckled Mountain Trail is a 8.6 mile loop trail near Evans Notch, ME and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. All trails map is wrong btw. Refer to WMNF or AMC trail maps for real trail info. Also note alltrails map topo data is way off.

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Jeff R (116)

9 Completed1 Reviews

Great trail. Good amount of uphill at the beginning, but then you walk along the ridgeline for a good deal of the rest of the hike. Waterfall trail had some beautiful spots for a quick dip and a bite to eat, but the trail was really poorly marked, so we got lost and had to go back the way we came. That said, the rest of the trails are well marked with cairns, so it's only the small waterfall trail that had any issues. Snow still present in spots at the top of the mountain (mid-May), and lots of fresh moose dung.

Steph Chaisson (320)

34 Completed3 Reviews

I will elaborate to help others. My boyfriend and I did this trail in full. Started by going up Blueberry Ridge Trail (steep), did the lookout add on at the top, went over to Speckled summit and went down Bickford Brook Trail, did the Waterfall trail too. Will say that the waterfall trail is NOT well marked, but worth the views. We got lost for 10mins since the trail connect back was nowhere to be found. In total it took us 4.5-5hrs total. Has parking and bathrooms. Small parking fee so bring cash.

Steph Chaisson (320)

34 Completed3 Reviews

Great hike! Full trail not for beginners.

Christopher York (506)

11 Completed7 Reviews

I hiked this in 1995 if I remember correctly. Was a nice hike. The pillars at the top are a cool feature.

John Stryker (202)

11 Completed5 Reviews

I hiked Speckled Mt. in early October, beautiful day with temps in the 90's. I started off from the Evergreen Valley Inn and took the link trail to cold brook trail. The first mile was easy going on a tote road, not steep at all. Once on the Cold Brook trail the path climbed for about a mile and then broke out onto big open ledges with great views of Kezar lake and points south. From this point on to the summit the hiking is mostly on open ledge with occasional trips thru the trees. All the open hiking the last mile makes this my preferred route for speckled. Met lots (14) of folks at the summit but only one on the ascent. The Canada jays were happy to eat right out of my hand when I had lunch at the top.

Kasey Marsters (317)

12 Completed4 Reviews

Hiked this with my 4 year old. He hiked it in it's entirety. This is a fantastic hike even if it's not a big mountain. The views are incredible, well maintained trail, diverse forests & wildlife. Highly recommended hike.