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Billy Goat Trail is comprised of three sections of trail locatednear Potomac, MD featuring beautiful wild flowers and scenic river views. The trail is used for hiking, mountain biking, trail running and walking. It is demarcated by blue blazes and is accessible year-round. Protected by NPS and TNC.

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James Wilkinson (289)

12 Completed11 Reviews

This review is for the 1.7 mi Section A only.
This hike is a BLAST if you like jumping rock to rock to rock to rock like the namesake Billy Goat. Because the elevation change is minimal at most, it's not as strenuous as it otherwise might be. Also there are breaks here and there on flat ground, which give your feet, legs and mid a rest before jumping back on the rocks....
For adolescents with energy and a good sense of balance, this is a great hike. Plenty of places to break for picnics, either in the shade or with great views of the river and falls.
Keep a CLOSE look out for the blazes! Very easy to get off trail- - keep your group together. But it's hard to get far because the whole trail is on a long, skinny island....
A great trip -- and if they like history, there plenty of signs along the way, and the visitor center/lockhouse/tavern for them to stop in and learn something too!
Clean restrooms, water, gift shop and canteen too.

BUT-- the towpath, Billy Goat and Great Falls in general are CROWDED.
Go early, avoid peak times, and bring your teenagers. A great trip -- and if they like history, plenty of signs and the visitor center/lockhouse/tavern for them to stop in and learn something too!
Clean restrooms, water, gift shop and canteen too.

Notes on nearby trails from the same hike:
I tried to pick up Gold Mine Loop from the Anglers Parking area for my return to the Great Falls visitor center parking lot; but I couldn't find the trailhead.
If this happens, Berma Road (on opposite side of Canal from the towpath) is great option to get back to the parking lot in the shade and away from the crowds.

Goldmine Loop side and related trails can be tricky at trail intersections. Get & use the park map; look for the blazes and stay on the trails! I had to help out one mother/son who were a bit turned around & nervous- glad I could do so.

Wendu Bewley (42)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Kelly Blasi (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Challenging but definitely worth it! Get there early because it gets crowded.

Jim Schuster (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Kelsey Sweetman (190)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Challenging rock scrambles but a lot of fun. I wouldn't recommend the hardest billy goat loop for young children. Great views of the Potomac, me and my partner hike here often.

Christopher Berry (291)

31 Completed4 Reviews

I think this trail (A, B & C) is about the best in the DC area as it offers a trail along the river, rock scrambles, a climb and changes in elevation. A great challenge and you can break it up by doing one section at a time. Very scenic views too.

Pj Reid (167)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Worth the trip everytime!!! Awesome rock scrambles and a well maintained area.

Kathy Countess (280)

4 Completed1 Reviews

Fun and beautiful trail. Some scrambling along trail b, but not too bad.

Andrea Petersen (105)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Amazing views. Great hike!

Colleen Gormanly (111)

10 Completed6 Reviews

Fun hike, never boring. Lots of rocks. I recommend wearing hiking boots/sneakers. I went on a summer weekday and it wasn't too crowded.

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