falling branch: rocks state park

Hike 1/2 mile to the second highest vertical waterfall in Maryland that was featured in the Disney movie Tuck Everlasting. Trail is suitable for families.

0.5 miles Out & Back
Kid Friendly Dog Friendly
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The Falling Branch Area of Rocks State Park is a 67 acre parcel of land which is home to Kilgore Falls, a scenic and tranquil section of Falling Branch, a tributary of Deer Creek, which is tucked back into the ravines of Northern Harford County, creating Maryland's second highest vertical drop waterfall. This non-developed, environmentally sensitive area has a serene hiking trail leading back to the waterfall. Pets are allowed but must be on leashes at all times.

Wendy Royer

1 Completed1 Reviews

love the waterfall. very easy hike. if you dont like alot of ppl go in fall or early spring. it becomes a swimming hole in the summer.

William Hughes

18 Completed17 Reviews

Short, easy hike to a picturesque water fall (Kilgore Falls). Limited parking. No bathrooms.

Courtney C.

Savannah Wagner

2 Completed1 Reviews

George Hoffman

31 Completed19 Reviews

Beautiful waterfall.

Kelly Ford

21 Completed10 Reviews

Easy access+ beautiful area+falls= too many people. I like kids and don't mind a crowd, but this was too much. Small area to swim near falls full of rude kids. went around 4 pm thinking that families with little children would be on the way out, and they were but they were quickly replaced by teens. Might try again after school starts. Very, very cold. I am an avid creek swimmer, this was really cold. There are many more trails to explore in the park and near the falls, really nice area will go back.

Marvin Hall

4 Completed1 Reviews

Its a great place, but wayyyy too many people at the falls. It's the grand central station of waterfalls.

Karl Tracy

1 Completed1 Reviews

Best kept secret in Harford County!