Gillis Falls Trail

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Gillis Falls Trail is a 2.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Mt Airy, MD that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until October.

2.5 miles 265 feet Loop
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Frank Rizzo
2 months ago

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The local rednecks ride the their ATV's illegally on the trails (and on the public roads) and account for much of the beer can deposits. It's clearly marked at the trail entrance that no motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail. They will typically stage their ATV's at the empty lot next to 2509 Flag Marsh Rd and ride down to the trails using the public road. DNR has made some progress in cleaning up. The equestrian's have reported negative encounters with the ATV's. If you encounter an ATV on the trail, record it and send it the Carroll Country Sheriff.

ATV's on the trail:

Diana Johnson
10 months ago

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I took my 6 and 7 year old. It was nice and short for them. super muddy and rocky. didn't see a waterfall, but did see an area that people use for a dump, full of burnt beer cans. the trail had no markings thank goodness for the map. I don't think that we will be going back there again.

Claudia Olson
1 year ago

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Kate, you can use this map I found online:

Kate Speelman
1 year ago

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Can someone please direct me to where I could find a trail map of this park? It doesn't seem like it's clearly marked anywhere.

Samuel Wilson
3 years ago

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Real muddy after rain, but fun ride in Mt. Airy.

Debbie Patton
3 years ago

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After August 31st trail is not open on Monday-Wednesday - Fridays.

Claudia Olson
4 years ago

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I didnn't have a map or any real idea about this trail. So I parked where there was another car and started on A trail. The stream ran along the west side of the trail...and then I came to a point where I needed different shoes or bare feet (not in January) soI turned back. Now I've seen some maps and will try again another day.
In the winter this trail is only open to hikers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Laurie Soller
5 years ago

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This is actually a horse trail through the woods and across a stream. Beautifully scenic and tucked away, it is a very rustic trail, more suited for hiking and riding than running, but for the sure-footed adventurous trail runner, it's short and sweet. It's pretty much got it all, from good short hill work, to stream crossing (make sure you wear your old shoes, cause you're gonna go through a stream that's about 6" deep at its center and it's impossible not to immerse your whole shoe) but the water is just right to cool you off! You traverse the stream twice during the run, and follow it throughout, so if you're listening to the sounds of nature, you can hear it babble which adds to the pleasure of the run. In the middle it's nicely flat so you can enjoy the views of the forest. At the end, there's a kicker hill about a quarter mile long and very steep on blacktop.
Most of the trail, except the very end, is uneven dirt with stones, rocks, and some natural obstacles (fallen trees, puddles, poo piles). I did the loop twice and found it VERY enjoyable and will definately be on it again!