Hashawha Loop, Hashawha Environmental Appreciation Area

#1 of 2 trails in Union Mills Homestead Park
Hashawha Loop, Hashawha Environmental Appreciation Area is a 3.3 mile loop trail located near Westminster, MD and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and trail running and is accessible year-round.

3.3 miles 334 feet Loop
hiking trail running
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Jill Midthune
4 days ago

24 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful, peaceful and not at all busy. Great Fall walk.

Kate Cedeno
1 year ago

16 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful Hike in the Winter with snow covered grounds.

Michael Westen
1 year ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Definitely a nice place to hike the scenery is great and the passages are good to take a jogging stroller if you want to take a little one with you. Bring food and water as it is a long hike. And it's definitely Fido friendly.

Heather Wenzel
1 year ago

6 Completed3 Reviews

Very nice variety of scenery and habitats--plenty of wild life. A short walk from the nature center is the injured raptor aviary, where you can see some beautiful injured birds (bald eagle, hawks, owls when we were there).
As you get further out on the yellow trail, the markings get a little confusing and don't really seem to follow the map. It is very easy to end up on equestrian trails by accident and make it a longer hike. Fortunately, it is possible to get back to the park through a connector trail. If you make our mistake (you will know you messed up when you have to ford a stream) follow signs to stay on the Lower Trail (reddish colored markers, spanning from red-orange to fuschia). Eventually, you will come across a wooden post on the left with very faint writing that points you down a trail towards the stream. At the bottom of the hill there will be a wooden footbridge that leads you back to the green trail.

Mike Bellgrau
3 years ago

10 Completed3 Reviews

Great place for solo or family hiking. Has a little bit of it all. From fire trails to some nice single track. There are lots of trails that connect to Hashawa trails. You can hike all the way to the Union Mills Homestead from the trails at Hashawa. :)

Amy Gourley
3 years ago

19 Completed12 Reviews

Easy hike for my daughter and I. A bit slack on some of the markings when you get further out on the trail but nothing that leads you too far off course.

Steve Willard
3 years ago

6 Completed1 Reviews

Get back to nature! Following the white triangles (Vista Trail) will bring you up a hill to discover--seemingly in the middle of nowhere-- a bird sanctuary that cares for wounded raptors! There you will meet a trio of owls, a pair of red-winged hawks, a something or another vulture, and a bald eagle named Cleopatra (info I learned from a nearby Geo-cache)! Definitely bring your camera! The green triangles lead you along another cool trail-- there's an old log cabin and, further along, a could of green metal bridges that lead to nice picnic tables! The third trail is denoted by yellow triangles & we can't wait to return so we can explore it. You should too-- I highly recommend!!

Amber Warfield
4 years ago

4 Completed3 Reviews

Absolutely one of my favorite trails...especially when taking kids. Fall of 2010 and Summer of 2011 were the two times we have been so far. The first time we just did the loop right around the nature center that ends near the bird cages and back to the parking lot. The 2nd time we did the larger loop which included the vista trail that brings you back around near lake Hashawa. This place has beautiful scenery, a nature center that is really neat to check out, and I've never seen it crowded or even busy. I'm always amazed the place is 100% free...its that nice.