Parkers Creek Loop, American Chestnut land Trust

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Parkers Creek Loop, American Chestnut land Trust is a 3 mile loop trail located near Prince Frederick, Maryland. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

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Barbara Sheldon (86)

1 Completed1 Reviews

We've come before on the Dares Beach Road side of the park(twice I think)....I remember that trail as being full of chiggers. This time we decided to start at the Scientist Cliffs entrance. I went with my two grown sons and two dogs. My son lead the way....we took the Swamp Trail. We got to the point after crossing a small bridge that we were actually in the swamp.....really in the swamp. My son kept going ahead. My shoes starting sinking. When I looked up and saw my son up to his crouch......we thought best to turn around. Not exactly your average walk in the park. Muck Muck.....

j smith (55)

7 Completed1 Reviews

Well maintained and marked; this trail provides variable scenery and elevation.

Maryline OShea (63)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great little hike, good variety of terrain, very pretty and not a soul :) Found the trail well marked and not very difficult.
Easy parking.

Regina Lister (316)

4 Completed3 Reviews

This is one of my favorite trails. It's a great Hike due to the fact that its moderate and somewhat challenging. It has really nice views, but the trail isn't maintained very well.

Brittany P. (265)

Oh Man love this trail! There is like a ton of trails that are all challenging and fun. We hiked in freezing snow and it was still a blast!

Frio Marquez Haro (316)

3 Completed2 Reviews

Stunning views almost the whole way through. I loved hiking this trail! I got lucky and came on a day with zero fog and warm temperatures. Parking was easy and free.

Steve Nelson (103)

1 Completed1 Reviews