Robert E. Lee Park-Lake Roland Trail

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Lake Roland Trail is a 6.7 mile out and back trail located near Baltimore, Maryland that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking, trail running & walking and is accessible year-round.

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Lindsay Hoehn (151)

6 Completed6 Reviews

I love this trail partially because it's practically in my back yard but for the majority of the trail I feel like I'm far far away. Decent amount of traffic.

Jody A. (224)

in addition to Ricks review..Our family go there with my dog, and you will see rangers walking the property at all times and you will be escorted if you are on the grounds after dusk. They have remote cameras monitoring activity 24/7. Well attended and well managed park. Parking is free and about 5 minutes to the dog park if you want to go there. You will be monitored for membership tags, for sure.

Rick Levin (160)

5 Completed5 Reviews

This is one of the best parks with close proximity to downtown Baltimore and 83, and by far one of the best parks to bring your dog. Best to park at the northern Falls Rd. portion of the trail and hike south. Stay on the red markings, about half a mile into the trail there is a old railroad bridge, cross this bridge and about 30 feet on the left there is a small trail that will lead you to the dog stream. On the summer weekends there can be a lot of dogs off leash splashing around and playing here. Lots of Labs and mostly friendly dogs. If your dog has any problems playing with other dogs DO NOT take your dog off leash, as the people here who have dogs off leash know their dogs well and they usually never fight, its very playful. Make sure your smaller dogs can swim because it can get deep on the far side from the beach area. When you get back up to the Red trail make sure you keep an eye out for bikers, esp kids who may come up behind you without calling out "on your left" but for the most part you can hear them. About 3.5 miles up the trial you will cross the Light Rail tracks, obviously be careful, but head up the trail from here and it leads you to the main Robert E Lee park, there is a big walking loop with a lake and a dam. There is also a really great place for dogs who can swim and want to play in a gated off area called "Paw Point" you do need a code to get in and its $35 a year, but if you like to take your dog out a lot and want a safe place for it to swim this place is great, lots of friendly owners, pretty people in this park with dogs quite often so its a great place to potentially meet a guy or girl that is dog friendly. There is a picnic area at the lake part and parking, but I think its best to park at the northern entrance and make your way to the lake. All in all this is a pretty easy hike, about 7 miles round trip, you have to watch your step a little but most people will be fine, yesterday I ran into an 80 year old couple doing the whole trail, petting all the dogs. This is by far one of the best spots if you want to bring your dog. Also when I was younger I used to mountain bike a lot and this place is mountain bike friendly, there are a lot of side trails for mountain bikers so they can stay off the main red trail. P.S. This park is kayak friendly too, the lake is great for kayaking if you don't feel like driving to the bay or somewhere else far from the city. I have seen many girls walking alone, and talked with many of them, they tell me they never feel scared walking here alone. I think this is one of the safest parks in the Baltimore area. Enjoy!

Ben Prevas (130)

0 Completed2 Reviews

Flat hike, without loop. Approximately 4miles from Falls Rd to lightrail tracks and back out. Dog-friendly and commonly dogs are off-leash with a area on the "river" for dogs to splash and play. Sometimes not clean of dog waste. Portions of trail have old railroad beams making walking a bit awkward. Well shaded, but muddy after storms and slow to dry. Nearby houses well-hidden by trees. Some road noise from Falls Rd.