Sugarloaf - Yellow

#2 of 2 trails in Sugarloaf Mountain Natural Area

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Sugarloaf - Yellow is a 6.6 mile loop trail located near Dickerson, Maryland that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for birding, hiking, nature trips & walking and is accessible from January until February.

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Lynn L. (451)

Great trail.. Easy to follow the trail markings. Had a great time w my puppy.

Adam Lehman (162)

2 Completed1 Reviews

We did the west side of the yellow loop then came back via blue/white to the bottom of the mountain.

Parking is (and isn't) as obvious as you'd think at the bottom of the mountain. Before you enter the park, there is a small parking lot at the intersection of Comus and Sugarloaf Mountain Road. We parked there, walked into the park and upon passing the park building, followed the path to the left. You'll find the Yellow trail head once you cross Sugarloaf Mountain Drive.

We didn't see this until we walked out, but at the entrance gate there are printed trail maps!

Vivian Johnson (265)

8 Completed4 Reviews

I have hiked every trail on the mountain with my young son. Some areas are difficult and he requires carrying, but this is our favorite local spot to hike.

If you have a full day and want a good workout, park at the bottom of the mountain and hike up. However, there is a parking lot near the summit that makes this a quick morning or afternoon hike. The available trails range from a light saunter on a cardiac-friendly trail to a steep climb up rocks.

We have seen a variety of wildlife on the trail, including a rattler once, so make plenty of noise and be careful where you stick your hands.

The trails get more crowded as the day goes on, so get there early!

There is a winery at the bottom of the mountain (you'll pass it on the way in) and a small local market where you can buy cider, produce, and fresh eggs. If you time your visit right, your kids can help feed the chickens.

AD H. (790)

Great trail for adults of moderate ability and teenagers