Tucquan Glen Loop Trail

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Tucquan Glen Loop Trail is a 2.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Pequea, PA that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until November. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

2.5 miles 232 feet Loop
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Family and dog-friendly loop hike mostly along a beautiful stream Although this is a loop hike, I strongly suggest beginning with the left or lower side of the loop. This will keep the stream on your right side the entire hike. You'll begin by crossing a small stream on a bridge - to the left of the Tucquan Glen sign. It's an easy hike with part of it along an old logging road. Follow the blue blazes. You'll pass the remains of an old homestead. The gorge will narrow as you get closer to the halfway point and you'll have some beautiful waterfalls over huge rocks. At the halfway point you'll reach the railroad tracks. Turn right along the tracks and cross the bridge over Tuquan Creek. After another 100 feet or so the trail will head sharply uphill on the right. The stream will be out of sight for the first third of the return trip but the trail returns to it soon.

Steven Shaubach
4 days ago

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very nice trail dog and kid friendly

David Bernhardt
5 days ago

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Fantastic! Nice little hike to get the blood flowing. The creek has a few little falls and certainly enough beauty to capture your attention while you hike. A good date hike for sure. Equipped with photo opportunities and all!!

Jess Heidig
12 days ago

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Ian Davis
15 days ago

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Fun little hike. Be careful in the winter because it was quite icy. Also had to brave it through a small creek at the end which was a bit cold.

Mike Althouse
1 month ago

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this is a nice trail for a summer hike. but there is no way for a horse to complete the loop. the trail goes over rocks and through rhodadendron bushes.

Taylor Burk
1 month ago

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Grayson Swope
1 month ago

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Good up until the end of the trail there was no bridge to cross to get to the road Andover had to walk through the cold water.

Richard Poore
1 month ago

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John Ambler
3 months ago

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There is no longer ia bridge crossing the creek on the south side. You have to wade the creek to make a loop trip to Susquehanna and back.
There are trails on both sides of the creek from River Rd. to the Susquehanna R. The trail shown here is incomplete.
Blue follows fairly closely to creek on south side. Yellow goes to Susquehanna on north side, close to the creek 2/3 of the way then going up the slope and down to the Susquehanna. White goes up high leaving yellow trail but joining back with it.
Orange Conestoga Trail passes through the glen on parts of all the other trails.
Parking is limited on weekends and holidays. Cars get towed if they park on the road! Go early or check out the many other trails nearby.
There are also trails east of River Rd.

Richard Poore
3 months ago

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Stephen Myer
4 months ago

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Ritkat M.
6 months ago

The area is fabulous to walk in. However about half a mile into the hike on the right hand side of the creek and trail two very large trees have fallen across the creek and path. A couple of hikers had squeeze through but I turned around because I did not want to take my children through. Bummer. I would have given it five stars but because the trail has been blocked for what looks to be a while I gave it 4.

Ryan Matthews
8 months ago

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Brought my son who is 6 and daughter who is 12. Took the yellow trail that lead to the river, the trail was pretty easy, follows the creek most of the way then up the side of a hill and you could see the creek from the top at a few points. On the way back from the river we took the blue/orange trail back, it followed right beside the creek, had a few points where it got rough, our dog got roughed up a little bit from slipping on the rocks but the kids made it just fine, there are two different points that were good for taking a dip in the creek so we took advantage of that. We made it back to the road with the intention of following the blue trail on the other side but the kids were exhausted. We did see a couple of small snakes, non-poisonous though so nothing to worry about. Really enjoyed this trail and will be coming back!

Brandon Schlosser
8 months ago

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Love this trail. Great for taking a dip on a hot day.

William T.
10 months ago

We love this trail. You can go high or low and on either side of the creek. It is scenic and beautiful. We have hiked this probably 5 times and every time was awesome.

Brad Clark
10 months ago

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great trail! my son and I have completed this loop numerous times, it's always an adventure.

Juan Salazar
10 months ago

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Devin Hoeckel
10 months ago

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Great loop for technical trail running. I parked right at the river and took the lower trail (blue blaze) along the creek. When you are getting close to the Susquehanna (before it steeply descends) you'll see a white blazed trail to your right, that's the return high trail. If you go down to the river, cross the tracks and you are on the shore. You have to retrace your steps back up the hill till you get to the white blazed high trail. The lower is technical if you are running but fun. The high trail is single track and smooth if you want to get in to the flow.

Joshua S.
11 months ago

We had a fantastic time, even with some hiking-reluctant kids in tow. The stream, as well as all the rocks and logs to climb on, quickly won them over. Not overly challenging, but enough work to keep it interesting. Beautiful place.

Kevin F
11 months ago

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Thoroughly enjoyed the hike. Plenty of spots to stop along the creek and let the dogs run and take some nice pictures.

My buddy had his 6 month old son in a chest carrier, that was probably a little aggressive for this trail.

Can't wait to get back again.