Tucquan Glen Loop

#1 of 3 trails in Holtwood Recreation Park

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Family and dog-friendly loop hike mostly along a beautiful stream

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William T. (42)

We love this trail. You can go high or low and on either side of the creek. It is scenic and beautiful. We have hiked this probably 5 times and every time was awesome.

Brad Clark (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

great trail! my son and I have completed this loop numerous times, it's always an adventure.

Juan Salazar (43)

8 Completed1 Reviews

Devin Hoeckel (57)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Great loop for technical trail running. I parked right at the river and took the lower trail (blue blaze) along the creek. When you are getting close to the Susquehanna (before it steeply descends) you'll see a white blazed trail to your right, that's the return high trail. If you go down to the river, cross the tracks and you are on the shore. You have to retrace your steps back up the hill till you get to the white blazed high trail. The lower is technical if you are running but fun. The high trail is single track and smooth if you want to get in to the flow.

Joshua S. (38)

We had a fantastic time, even with some hiking-reluctant kids in tow. The stream, as well as all the rocks and logs to climb on, quickly won them over. Not overly challenging, but enough work to keep it interesting. Beautiful place.

Kevin F (38)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed the hike. Plenty of spots to stop along the creek and let the dogs run and take some nice pictures.

My buddy had his 6 month old son in a chest carrier, that was probably a little aggressive for this trail.

Can't wait to get back again.

Annalisa Frazier (990)

12 Completed12 Reviews

Loved this hike! Bring your swimsuits and be ready for lots of water crossings! A group of 7 of us came here for this hike over the weekend. The blue and yellow trails meander along the creek, with plenty of spots for hopping in to cool down, and beautiful rock waterfall formations along the way.

The trail is pretty rocky and narrow at spots, but we saw plenty of kids out and about. It wasn't completely easy-mode but it wasn't majorly challenging either (perfect for a sunday hike after a night of camping and imbibing). A beautiful opening out onto the Susquehanna is your prize at the end of the trail.

The only challenge about this spot is the tiny parking lot. But overall, that led to a less crowded-than-expected trail. Be warned that they do tow along the road!

Justin S. (36)

Our family hiked this one today, very scenic and the kids (daughter 9, son 12 and golden retriever) had a blast! The car ride over from Columbia was scenic too. Start with the blue trail and had down to the R/R tracks, then cross the small R/R bridge and had back up the yellow trail - keeping the creek to your right. We stopped for lunch and every now and then for the dog to play in the creek.

Sam Gonce (280)

7 Completed2 Reviews

What can I say what a Amazing trail! My girlfriend and I really enjoyed our first hike on this trail. We stopped for pictures a lot and met quite a few nice people and their dogs even on this cold late fall day. The Hike was fairly easy, a lot of blown down trees altered the trail in spots but nothing that drastic. We will have to come back during the Spring/Summer to enjoy this trail and all it has to offer.

Randy Witt (188)

2 Completed2 Reviews

My wife and I brought our beagle on our first hike at Tucquan Glen. This quickly became our favorite hike. We followed the blue trail down the left, or south side. There are a few places where the trail gets a little tough but those spots are short. We saw a lot of other dogs enjoying the beautiful day but too bad some owners are not very responsible in cleaning up after their dog. At the railroad bridge at the river the trail loops back up the north side of the creek. The trail becomes yellow/blue. Our GPS measured the loop at 2.34 miles and two hours. We did stop for pictures frequently and chatted for awhile with other hikers. We will absolutely return to this beautiful trail.