Great Blue Hill Trail

#2 of 5 trails in Blue Hills Reservation
Great Blue Hill Trail is a 3.3 mile loop trail located near Milton, MA and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible from April until November.

3.3 miles 853 feet Loop
kid friendly hiking walking
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Steve Kendall

15 Completed15 Reviews

Kate Brown

6 Completed5 Reviews

I hiked this in June from the main road. I had a hard time finding the small post to head up the Skyline South Trail. There's just one post and a steep incline. The path heads pretty much vertical for the first few minutes of the trail. The terrain starts out with low-level trees and leaves. Lots of loose dirt and dry (at least in June). Then the terrain quickly shifted to rocky with holders to climb over. The trail eased up, but there were quite a few rocks to climb rather than typical hiking. I was quite tired when I reached the top at Eliot Tower. I then took the Skyline North trail back town. I landed at the main trailhead where there is a restroom. The facility smelled but was otherwise clean! I did a quick tick check and then headed for the car. I think in total this loop I did was 5+ miles (South Skyline to Eliot Tower and back to North Skyline).

Paul Warrender

47 Completed47 Reviews

Amy Wood

1 Completed1 Reviews

A nice place for a trail walk/ run near the city. A lot of different trails for a variety of needs /workouts.

Brendan B

7 Completed7 Reviews

Earl Littlefield

10 Completed10 Reviews

The Blue Hills trail system is an excellent place to run, hike, bike, cook out, swim. I mainly use it for trail running, and have trained for long obstacle course races here (Big Blue) and trail races. A mixture of terrain, elevation, rolling trails to steep to flat, you can find everything that you are looking for.

Renee Maxwell

6 Completed3 Reviews

Kent Van Vliet

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Aarthy Selvamani

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Horace Pinheiro

6 Completed6 Reviews

On 9/19/2015, my son and I hiked 6 miles in Blue Hills. Perfect day for a hike. Moderate hike. We parked on Chickatawbut Hill Rd. On the corner of rt 28 and Chickatawbut Rd. Not crowded at all for a Saturday. I would definitely return to hike this again.