Leominster State Forest

Princeton, MA
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Leominster State Forest is a 7.8 mile loop trail located near Princeton, Massachusetts that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate offers a number of activity options.



11 Completed 6 Reviews

Ball hill trail was a great hike. Nothing too strenuous but very enjoyable.



3 Completed 3 Reviews

Had a total blast. Took some great pics too. Great Sunday workout.



3 Completed 3 Reviews

Ball Hill Trail is a bit more than 4 miles long, and begins and ends at the parking lot near the beach. Some parts of the trail are fairly steep.

We found the trail poorly maintained, with ferns growing close to the sides of the trail and much of the soil washed out among the rocks in the hilly sections. We also encountered a lot of water on the trail, both in mud puddles and trickling across our path. I had encountered this problem here before during the spring, but didnt anticipate how much water the week's rain would leave on the trail. We came out with muddy shoes and legs, and damp socks.

The trail crosses at least 6 stone walls and passes through some pretty clearings full of ferns and some interesting boulders. I wondered what the land was used for before it became part of the state forest. The coolest part of this hike was seeing toads hopping across the trail at regular intervals on some of the low parts of the trail.



12 Completed 13 Reviews

Beautiful place to hike, many different trails to hike and the trails are great.