Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary Trail

Sharon, MA
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Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary Trail is a 4.2 mile loop trail located near Sharon, Massachusetts that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.


Paul Ponte


11 Completed 12 Reviews

Another excellently managed Mass Audubon reservation, it has several short to medium looping trails and overlaps the Bay Circuit and Warner trails as well. After Blue Hills, this is the best suburban hiking opportunity I've found.



72 Completed 25 Reviews

Very fun. Good hiking cardio trails. Will hike agian!!!



20 Completed 5 Reviews

Excellent all around. The trails were well marked and the views were breath taking. The trails can be steep and rocky but worth the climb. Saw many birds and a deer up close.



104 Completed 12 Reviews

Had a group hike along the Warner Trail a couple of years ago which joins with the Moose Hill Trail. The hill is wooded with oak, maple and white pine but offers several great views from rocky outcrops to the south. Looking forward to crossing Moose Hill once more as I lead a group this year from Blackstone Valley Outfitters on our section hike of the Bay Circuit Trail.


Michael Codega


3 Completed 1 Reviews

Last summer, I hiked the trail, easily completing it, the longest path I could take, in under 1.5 hours, including times I stopped to take pictures ( Im a photographer ). There are some great views there. Hobbs hill can be strenuous but easily manageable



8 Completed 5 Reviews

My friend and I set out on this hike just the other day. After a moderately strenuous hiking up to 534ft we were pleasantly surprised by a beautiful white tailed deer!! We got so close and the deer just looked at us, ate, looked at us again, ate again, then galloped away with its magnificent white tail standing straight up. Not the only highlight of the day. There are great views on those hills!! We are definitely going back soon!