Ortonville State Recreation Area - Pinnacle Point Hike

Goodrich, MI
Ortonville State Recreation Area - Pinnacle Point Hike is located near Goodrich, MI and features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, and horses. Horses are also able to use this trail.

hiking walking horseback riding forest lake river
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Ortonville Rec Area covers a few sections of land in this area. The trail to Pinnacle Point is in the NW section. Hilly area. Pinnacle Point Lat:42.9030838 Long:-83.4243896(2nd highest elevation in Lapeer Co. 1090 ft.) Several interlinking loops provide a variety of choices for making your way to Pinnacle Point. Or take the outer trail for a longer hike and skip Pinnacle Point. Shortest route to Pinnacle Point (4 miles) starts at Equestrian Camp. Serious spring mud alert due to many elevation changes

Heidi Koerber
4 days ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

This trail was really cool. I really enjoyed how scenic it was. There were ponds and grass fields and beautiful spots in the woods. We made it up to pinnacle point, which was lovely and we watched the sunset. Great place to relax and be free. The downfall was all of the mud. It was more than ankle deep and covered the whole trail at parts so it was unavoidable. We read something that said severe spring time mud; but didn't think it would be that bad. Luckily I had rubber boots. If you plan on going make sure you wear boots. My boyfriend wore some regular boots and the mud came up past the laces. Rubber boots might be a good idea for this trail. Plus there is lots of horse poop, since this trail is part of the equestrian camp. Didn't bother me since I could just put my boots in the back of the truck and hose them off when I got home. Will try this trail again later in the year when hopefully the mud is dried up more.

Ruth Irish
22 days ago

5 Completed5 Reviews

The beginning of the trail was very well marked, about 4 intersections in the signs disappeared and I got lost. Loved the trails and the hills but they need to go back and make sure all of the markers are put back up.

David Garvin
5 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful and challenging. Very hilly.

Cody Rhoads
7 months ago

2 Completed2 Reviews