Colosseum Trail; Ha Ha Tonka State Park

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The Colosseum trail is a natural surface trail that winds under a natural bridge and through a large sinkhole, the Colosseum spans 60 feet, is 100 feet high, and is 70 feet wide.

This natural surface trail winds under the natural bridge and through a large sinkhole, the Colosseum, and is part of the Ha Ha Tonka Karst Natural Area. In spring, you will be treated to a lovely view of flowering dogwood, redbud and serviceberry from the wooden platform where this trail begins. The natural bridge is a massive stone arch left behind when the cave system around it collapsed. It spans 60 feet, is 100 feet high, and is 70 feet wide. The natural bridge was used as a route to the castle until it was closed to vehicular traffic in 1980 because it was too narrow. It is an impressive geological feature and one of the highlights of the park. After a heavy rain, water often cascades off the back side making its way to the lowest point in the sinkhole beyond.

The Colosseum Sinkhole is 150 feet deep. Spring wildflowers are abundant in this sheltered enclave, especially in the section just beyond the natural bridge where the trail is immediately adjacent to one sheer bluff side. As you start your hike out of the sinkhole at the south end, you will step between large boulders evidence of the rocky ceiling that one covered this cave room. It is a long, steep climb out of the sinkhole to near the top of the ridge, but the views of the old post office, spring and castle ruins at the top are a great reason to stop to catch your breath. The figure-eight loop then takes you across the top of the natural bridge and back to the trailhead.

Intersection of Highway 65 and 54 in Missouri, drive 54 east 25 miles to "D" highway, south on "D" about 1.5 miles to the parking lot on the right.

Parking lot

Ha Ha State Park, MO
1491 State Road D
Camdenton, MO 65020-9801
Park Office: 573-346-2986



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Grew up going to Ha Ha Tonka and have great memories from there and always love going back and bringing first-timers! The castle ruins are beautiful and have great history behind them, the trails are even more beautiful and the hike on the boardwalk stairs down to the crystal clear fresh spring water is gorgeous. Let's not forget the gorgeous view of the lake! The hike back up is... lets just say you will get your workout in. If you are in the area for any reason it is worth the the trip to see with your own eyes. Something for all ages!! Ruins are handicap accessible as well.



3 Completed 2 Reviews

Very cool rock formations!



13 Completed 2 Reviews



43 Completed 20 Reviews

Pretty cool short trail. Walking under the rock bridge is interesting since you don't find that very often.



53 Completed 19 Reviews

Short but fabulous! Neat rock formations. Natural bridge is awesome. Moderate hike. Loved it!



409 Completed 410 Reviews

the natural bridge and walk through the ravine caused by the collapsed cave system was a nice scenic area. worth a peak,along with the other trails at the park.