Green Rock Trail

#2 of 3 trails in Greensfelder County Park
Green Rock Trail is a 9.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Eureka, MO that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

9.8 miles 1446 feet Out & Back
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Rosemarie Pursel
7 days ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

We hiked the Green Rock Trail this morning, one hour out and one hour back due to commitments later today. Didn't quite make it to Melrose Rd. It was a bit steep in places and a few muddy spots. Glad we had our hiking poles. Didn't see any snakes, just 4 deer, chipmunks, squirrels and a frog. Loved all the bird sounds along the way. Really a beautiful trail and a good work out. Had the trail to ourselves, no other humans. Definitely recommend it.

Bill Grenko
1 month ago

28 Completed16 Reviews

We hiked the Green Rock Trail from the Rockwoods Reservation trail head to Melrose Road and back. The total hike was 6.2 miles with an elevation change of 1093 ft. See the recording in the link. We completed the out and back in a little over 2 hours at a brisk 3 mph pace. The trail is rugged, narrow and very steep in spots. In my opinion, it is the most difficult hike in the St. Louis area. The trail is very lightly traveled. We ran into two other hikers. We also saw more snakes than hikers including a couple of small Ring Necks and a huge 5ft long Timber Rattlesnake. The rattler was on the first hillside trail about 1/4 mile from the Rockwoods trail head. Snakes aside, this was challenging hike and we will do it again. We plan to hike the entire 14.5 miles point to point from Rockwoods Reservation thru Greensfelder (becomes the DeClue Trail) and on to Rockwoods Range. Will post an update after we complete the trip. Link:

Ashley Haer
1 month ago

11 Completed2 Reviews

Failed the trail, between app and map we ended out on the highway after dark and had to walk to town... Car was still 3 miles away. Lucky uber came online.... Missed all the creeks and views due to darkness.... Not sure if we will attempt again...

Al Elbendary
2 months ago

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I have hiked this trail many times in different seasons. It is a rugged trail with a lot of elevation changes. Can be muddy after rain and slick in winter. Hiking poles recommended in winter and after rains. This is the most difficult trail I have found within 60 miles of St. Louis. Overall it's a moderate trail in difficulty. The return hike is easier and faster than the out ...

Charles Mcdonald
4 years ago

21 Completed20 Reviews

This trail has been lengthened by approximately 4.5 miles. If you like long walks through the woods, this is a great trail. Non of the hills were overly steep, and were well graded, with plenty of switchbacks. This trail recieves a moderate rating in difficulty as none of the terrain was overly difficult, but the length of this trail makes it more difficult than moderate. This trail would make a great bike ride. GORC was actually there working on the trail when I hiked this.

Mike Scarbrough
4 years ago

7 Completed2 Reviews

THIS IS NOT A BEGINERS TRAIL!!!! I have completed this trail many times with the Boy Scouts and once without them, it is a moderately Difficult trail. lots of hills,(first one is a killer!) but a very nice walk thru the trees(99% wooded) of Rockwoos Range, Greensfelder park(behind Six Flags) and Rockwoods Reservation. There is water at the mid-way point at Greensfelder park,and the trails end, depending on the time of the year. Parks shut the water down in the winter months. You will need to have a couple cars with you when you do this hike! the trail head is at Fox Creek just west of Six Flags on the outer road, There is parking at the midway(Greensfelder Park) if you want to complete a shorter hike, But the Trail ends at Rockwood Reservation Education Center, Lots of parking there. There is also Picnic Areas with restrooms (outside)in Greensfelder and at Rockwoods Reservation. Works great if you have to sit and wait for your cars to shuttle from one to the other.