Paved Bicycle Trail: Weston Bend State Park

#4 of 9 trails in Weston Bend State Park

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The trail has an asphalt surface and is popular with both hikers and bicyclists. If you travel in a counter clockwise direction, you will walk through a section of mature river hills hardwood forest, complete with pawpaw, white oaks, sycamores and more. The second half of the trail gradually climbs

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Keele McLaurin (171)

5 Completed5 Reviews

The photos currently listed on this page are not of the paved bicycle trail. The paved bike trail is very nice for walkers and bikers a-like. At the TH there are bathrooms and water fountains for people and dogs! The trail is very scenic and for almost the entire trail you are covered by a tree-top canopy. This can be good or bad. April - May the ticks are insane and be careful that you don't walk into spider webs. Great trail - very popular so there are always bikers, runners, and families on the trail. If your dog gets too excited seeing other dogs or people this isn't the trail for you because you will run into a lot of people, during certain hours. In the spring and fall after 4 during the week and all weekend the paved trail is busy

Tatiana Smith (6337)

80 Completed58 Reviews

As a hiker, I would not recommend this trail, since it's paved and not the prettiest at the park, but it's still a nice track and likely awesome for biking.