Poosey Conservation Area Multi-Use Trails

Chula, MO

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Poosey multi-use trails are a series of 13 interconnecting loop trails, totaling 24 miles that take you through forested rolling hills surrounding the Grand River Valley. The trails are open to hiking, mountain biking and horses. The conservation area, containing the trails consists of 5,738 acres

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Deena Stanley (57)

2 Completed1 Reviews

I did this trail with my 4-H Backpacking group. It took us three days to complete trekking an average of 6 miles a day. We didn't do all the loops so we only hiked 18 miles. Each of us had a backpack weighing 20-25 pounds so the hills (which there are many of) were pretty hard on us. I would do it all again though in a heartbeat.

Doug Neidholdt (99338)

504 Completed539 Reviews

Took a group of scouts there for three days, fished, hiked, mountain biked, used the gun range. Well rounded actitivies available. Hiked about 12 miles there. Nice woods and some space to roam.