Glacier National Park: Going-to-the-Sun Road (West Glacier to Saint Mary)

#8 of 134 trails in Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park: Going-to-the-Sun Road (West Glacier to Saint Mary) is a 48.7 mile point-to-point scenic drive located near Essex, Montana that features mountains, lakes, spectacular views and wildlife.

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Kristen Hook (50)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Arlain Hickman (43)

4 Completed1 Reviews

James Webber (410)

22 Completed12 Reviews

10/10. This is a must go. If you enjoy the outdoors you must come. Amazing views. Great hike at top. I keep coming back

Bill Watson (57629)

699 Completed209 Reviews

While you can drive this in 2-3 hours, we made a day out of the Going to the Sun Road, pulling over and taking several hikes along the way. Stops included McDonald Falls, Avalanche Lake (4 mi. RT), Birdwoman Falls Overlook, Weeping Wall, Hidden Lake Overlook Trail (3 mi. RT and had lots of snow along the trail in July!), Logan Pass VC, the start of the Highline Trail, Jackson Glacier Overlook, St. Mary's Falls, Sunrift Gorge Overlook, Baring Falls, Sunpoint Nature Trail, and the Wild Goose Island turnout. While the clouds were in an out, we stayed dry, saw Rocky Mountain Goats and Big Horn Sheep, as well as some really spectacular views. One of the most spectacular drives in the US. Not to miss!

Kerron Mitchell (195)

7 Completed6 Reviews

July was hot and busy in Glacier N.P.! We had decided to go the week after Independence day and it was crowded! Despite that, we had the most fabulous trip! We saw so many beautiful things! We camped in the park the night before driving the "Going to the Sun" road and it was one of the most amazing sights I've seen in the US. Definitely in the top 10 Drives for me! The spectacular views, the waterfalls coming right over the road in spots, wildflowers everywhere and someone else to drive so I could take the pictures!
I will never forget that. I was astounded at the sheer rugged beauty that surrounded me. Amazing!

Breck Tuttle (62324)

407 Completed364 Reviews

One of the most scenic drive that I've been on in the Western US

AJ Ruiz (5536)

98 Completed56 Reviews

Going-to-the-sun road is one of the best ways to view and capture the essence of Glacier National Park, with little effort. Overall, this scenic drive will offer magnificent shots of towering mountains, stretches that wind by lakes, cool mountain air, and marveled engineering feats all in one go. This is a popular drive and, as such, people are out in droves. I highly recommend taking this trek early in the day. This will also offer one interesting lighting for photographic moments. Make sure to fill up on Gas, however, as there is none available while on the scenic byway. Also, anticipate 2-3 hours for drive time (especially if one chooses to frequently pull over for photographs, which I recommend). I also highly suggest one pulls over at the Wild Goose Island viewpoint, near St. Mary Lake. I think this provides the best view on the entire stretch of road!

Shawn Isom (848)

40 Completed12 Reviews

This was absolutely the most beautiful road I have ever been on, and I live in Utah and have been on some spectacular drives there as well. From the cascading waterfalls everywhere to the beautiful wild flowers, the towering peaks and green valley below it was a snapshot everywhere you turn. We were also able to see mountain goats up at Logan Pass which was very cool. The road has very heavy traffic, so don't expect to breeze through unimpeded, but this should be on the bucket list of anyone who loves stunning scenery.

Jack Tatsch (36021)

353 Completed353 Reviews

This road is just about as scenic as you can get. My problem is that is just too far from Texas!

Saurabh Vaidya (799)

21 Completed19 Reviews

Most Spectacular road I have ever driven on !! Beauty around this place leaves you speach less at times. I am certainly going back there