Cathedral Rock Trail

#3 of 221 trails in Toiyabe National Forest

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Cathedral Rock Trail is a 3 mile out and back trail located in Mt. Charleston, Nevada, which is only 35 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada. It's one of the most popular trails in Mt. Charleston.

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Jack Mabry (149)

4 Completed2 Reviews

Cathedral Rock Trail is closed, due to fire.

Henry Pratt (404)

15 Completed3 Reviews

I heard that this trail is closed due to the fire last year.

Brian Mejia (247)

10 Completed2 Reviews

Great hike. Prepare yourself though because you're pretty much climbing the whole wa y. Enjoy!

Janelle Meredith Wilcox (796)

8 Completed4 Reviews

View is great! Short, nice hike. Some lengthy inclines on part on your way up but not difficult.

jeremy l. (329)

5 Completed4 Reviews

this was a great hike to spend a few hours on... we went up to start tackling some of the trails on the mountain and to get out of the valley's heat of the summer. the trail was pretty well kept and it sort of surprised me (pleasantly) to see the change in types of foliage as we ascended. haven't been out hiking or keeping up on the fitness much this year so tackling this trail was a bit more strenuous than it should have been but the view was worth every moment and the feeling of accomplishment was great at the end. even with numerous stops on the way up and a short lunch taking in the view we completed the trip right about on time with what the trail head states. definitely will head to this trail again...

James G. (424)

W O W the view from the top is AWESOME. This is my favorite of the three I did that weekend.There is a 15 minute "guided tour" podcast which can be downloaded to make the hike more interesting. Unfortunately I could not get it down loaded at the traihead. I will do it in advance next time.

Y. M. (844)

13 Completed10 Reviews

Great trail with great views throughout. It is an easy trail with a few spots where a bit of moderate climbing over rocks is required. The trail is very well maintained and you will not get lost. Beautiful little flowers and butterflies are everywhere. We also took a peak at the "waterfall". It was great to get away from the 100+ degree weather in Vegas and the view at the top was worth it.

Anne Burnside (424)

6 Completed6 Reviews

For the first hike I have done in Vegas, it was strenuous. But otherwise a fun and beautiful hike. Well worth the work to get to the top. Once at the top a great veiw of all the area.

Steve Valadez (392)

6 Completed4 Reviews

It was a nice hike. Not very long but the elevation climb gave us a workout.

Jamie Dudley (498)

10 Completed10 Reviews

This is a beautiful trail!!! *****WARNING***** when you get to the top make sure your dog is on a leash. I got to the top with my dog who was very well trained, and a service companion dog. She saw a chipmunk ran after it and went straight down to her death from the top of the peak!!!!!! Worse day of my life.