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Well kept secret, hidden canyon w/ponds and ferns along stream, majestic cliffs

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Roberto Santos (67)

2 Completed3 Reviews

David G (57)

2 Completed2 Reviews


Doug Foster (996)

36 Completed4 Reviews

Was a great hike with tons to look at, great views, lots of wildlife. vary easy to find

Norma Jean Kuhr (4580)

26 Completed8 Reviews

This was a beautiful hike and lots of photo ops. Took my dog so didn't make it to the waterfalls. Bouldering was fun but eventually it got to the point Tragan (the dog) couldn't make it up. He got stuck and started to get really upset when he couldn't get to me and thought I was leaving him behind so I turned around and we headed back down. Will definitely have to go again without him. :(

Jennifer Truman (181)

6 Completed3 Reviews

Anthony Waddle (96)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Didn't make it to the ferns, but the hike was stunning. I couldn't believe a place like this existed so close to Las Vegas. Beautiful scenery, wildlife, and lots of people having fun. I gotta do this hike again to the top.

Alexis Simpson (67)

2 Completed2 Reviews

This is mainly the only hike my boyfriend and I take whenever we get time to come out to Red Rock, definitely would say it's our favorite. The sign does say "Pine Creek" so that's what we usually call it. The creek is lined with ferns and toward the end of summer is teaming with tadpoles and little frogs. The creek itself Is also very peaceful and alive any time of year. Recommend this easy and tranquil hike to anyone.

Y. M. (844)

13 Completed10 Reviews

Loved this hike. The creek was great with the tadpoles and frogs. There were lots of flowers blooming. It was nice and cool once in the shade. Various small pools to get refreshed. Will be back.

Sarah B. (237)

What a perfect day for a hike. The directions were great. There was plenty of water in the stream and many crystal clear pools with frogs in them. The bouldering wasn't too difficult and the waterfall was nice. There was even a way to get up above the fall for a nice view.

Jaymie Hardy (136)

8 Completed1 Reviews