Gold Strike Hot Spring Trail

#1 of 35 trails in Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Gold Strike Hot Spring Trail is a 4.5 mile out and back trail located near Boulder City, NV that features hot springs. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

4.5 miles 935 feet Out & Back
hiking hot springs
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katya o.
1 day ago

loved it lots of climbing go with experience hikers in groups lots of water go in the morning to return by afternoon. take hiking boots and gloves for ur hands lots lots of water . you will definitely feel and wake up sore the next day your whole body good work out.

Jessica Myers
5 days ago

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Heads up - this trail is closed for the summer and will reopen in October. Hoping to save you all a drive out there!

Carl Thomas
15 days ago

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great trail! have been down this one several times

Jennifer Sifuentes
21 days ago

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Vanessa Brambila
21 days ago

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Drusilla Stinson
24 days ago

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I really enjoyed this trail. The scenery changed so much during the hike. It started off very plain and boring with loose gravel and not much to see. By the time you got halfway in it changed drastically and you could see crashed automobiles, which was wild. Walking over rusted Pistons was interesting. Colors started to get more vivid in the rocks and vegetation. The trail itself goes from very easy to challenging. Many people said this was easy but in my personal opinion it was challenging. I have little upper body strength and I'm short, therefore some of the ropes were difficult. I required assistance. I also suffer from anxiety. Some of the drop offs didn't help with that. I enjoyed turning corners and finding several hot springs to choose from to soak in. And the finale at the Colorado Rover was spectacular. The views were well worth the bruises, cuts and scrapes I got. Keep in mind this is a popular trail and sometimes the rope areas get congested with people going both directions. You might get stuck waiting for a while. I would suggest several items to bring with you for this hike. GLOVES to protect your hands from hot and sharp rocks, WATER SHOES to change into toward the end to protect your hiking shoes from getting wet and also the rocks in the river are sharp. WATER. BIODEGRADABLE TOILET PAPER as there are no portapotties and this can be a long day, SNACKS. SUNSCREEN. Also, please take your trash out with you. I was disappointed to see so much trash all over this otherwise lovely trail. It's not that hard to carry it out if you carried it in! LEAVE NATURE BEAUTIFUL so everyone can enjoy it.

Maurice Johnson
26 days ago

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Water was warm and not so bad of a hike about 3 miles till you get to the springs

Luis Cosme
27 days ago

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thing to bring
water shoes for water. pointy rocks sharp rocks at the river.
plenty of water and snacks
sun screen
goggles if you wanna see in the water

this hike has 8 rope climb down none of them are not difficult but the last 1
rope need maintain and for,asome people might be hard getting back up.

moderate hike.

Brittney Masek
28 days ago

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love this hike. So beautiful!

Michael Yingling
1 month ago

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Kristi Sullivan
1 month ago

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Cody Peters
1 month ago

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Irenett Calderon
1 month ago

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My partner and I thought we would get lost in the trail but with the arrows showing us where to go, it was easy to go through it. It was challenging at first as this is our first time but it was all worth when we reached the river.

When we were returning to the trailhead, it was getting hot so it required tons of energy. We recommend to go early morning and bring tons of water in case you stay longer.

Hannah F.
1 month ago

Fun, even with kids. It's a little challenging, but totally worth the hike. there were beatific views all around.

1 month ago

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8 rope climbs along the path. You can move mountains after this hike!

Martha Panduro
1 month ago

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This trail is great!. Bring plenty of water, globes and extra dry cloths ( extra shorts, shirt and shoes). Wear hiking shoes or shoes with a good grip. Do not bring pets, the trail is difficult for pets . There is a total of 8 robes and it takes approximately 1.5 hours, from the first robe to the end of the trail. The view is amazing! Great experience.

Jay Hunt
2 months ago

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this trail is great. just make sure you go in the winter, or start out very early. when you get to the river turn left and walk down river a bit. there is a little cave with water shooting out making a bunch of vapor in the cold air.

2 months ago

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Went to Vegas for the glitter in the lights and found myself gazing on the unwritten walls of this spectacular canyons. There were plentiful to be in awe of. The spectacles on the rocks rose from the desert sand to the peak of every drop of the cliff. The few hot springs provides comfort to the sole at the end of every obstacles. Where the river begins was when our journey ends. The trek back felt like it took an entire afternoon but well worth the sweat. Be sure to bring extra H2O and leave no trash behind.

Melissa Donenick
2 months ago

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An amazing hike with plenty of rock scrambling. Was my first difficult hike and was very impressed with the scenery. Will definitely be doing this trail again

Ashley Salazar
2 months ago

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