Gold Strike Hot Spring Trail

#1 of 40 trails in Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Gold Strike Hot Spring Trail is a 4.5 mile out and back trail located near Boulder City, NV that features hot springs. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

4.5 miles 935 feet Out & Back
hiking hot springs
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Kylie Booher

4 Completed0 Reviews

This trail is so much fun! There is quite a bit of bouldering with the provided ropes as you near the river. Probably my favorite hike in the Vegas area.

Saji Dur

4 Completed1 Reviews

Challenging. But so much fun.

William curtis

1 Completed1 Reviews

We hiked it in January and it was a great hike! It is very popular and parking can be hard especially when there is a lot of water flowing from the hot springs. This is not a pristine trail, but the views of the canyon are 1st rate. Trail itself is hard, but fun. All around one of my favorite trails.

Evan Looney

75 Completed6 Reviews

Great hike. Beautiful canyon, neat hot springs, and a nice view of the river when you get to the end. You can't tell from the pictures but there are 5-6 places with ropes to help the ascent/descent. There are also two main hot spring pools, the second one is about a 20 minute hike below the first. There is a significant amount of scrambling to be done along the way but it makes for a fun route. I hiked to the river and back in 2 hours and 10 minutes, but that was a hard pace to keep. I think more realistically you should count on about 3.5 hours for a fun paced hike but you can certainly push yourself for a good workout. The only "con" about the trail is the trash along the way, there are beer bottles and cans strewn about for most of the trail, at least to th first hot spring pool. I haven't done any research but my guess is that the people who died were drinking beer in the heat of the summer and heat stroked out. Just don't drink and hike.

Lori Stitt

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Nancy Zavala

3 Completed1 Reviews

Really fun and beautiful scenery ! It was lengthy but not too difficult, just some challenging parts. Highly recommend going to this hiking trail

Lily R

1 Completed1 Reviews

Not easy, it's classified as 3rd class as you have to do some scrambling over and around huge boulders, the fixed ropes definitely helped. An older lady in our group had to turn around as she was not able to carry her own weight. I don't recommend this hike for kids under 10, or hiking with large dogs. You have to be able to carry them up and down.
We made it down to the Colorado river and back in about 6 hrs. Our group of nine made it back with lots of scraped knees and shins, one sprained finger, a sprained wrist and I started having leg cramps at the end. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Gorgeous gorgeous hike! Can't wait to do this hike again! On a final note, make sure you bring PLENTY of water and watch out for naked people soaking in the hot springs.

Nick Field

4 Completed3 Reviews

Best hike to do in a morning. Its great fun and has some challenges and obstacles. You need to be able to pull your body weight up or have a smidge of rock climbing ability. Its completely do able, so dont let what I am saying deter you. You can do it.

Madonna Hakim

5 Completed1 Reviews

Dan S

33 Completed22 Reviews