Hunter Lake Trail

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Hunter Lake Trail is a 15 mile out and back trail located near Reno, Nevada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking & off road driving and is accessible from April until November.

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Sean Kerr (471)

10 Completed3 Reviews

I use this area for four wheeling. Over all it is an easy road, really only getting barely troublesome towards the end. I can complete this trail using a 4" lift on my jeep with 33" tires. Conditions change with the seasons and snow / ice is about the only thing that will turn you around. Spring brings runoff and lots of mud. A very beautiful area where I have seen many deer, and a few coyotes. Awesome views and great "backyard" camping. I get a cell signal most of the way.

Samantha Gonzales (95)

0 Completed1 Reviews

Great Hike! I will tell you about my very first hike in the Reno area, Hunter Lake Trail! Mind you, I am a Louisiana Native and only recently moved to this altitude. This was a group hike in the evening...5:30 pm meet up. But I was running a good 40 minutes late. So my dog, Kai, and I took off up the obvious trail...luckily a main trail with few turnoffs.
It is a four wheeling trail. There are many sections of loose rock and some steep terrain. Next time I think I need some kind of spikes on my boots! And more water! I ran out about half way down. Anyhow, back to the hike.
I ran into some of the group as they were heading down. They had done a shorter hike. They checked to see if I had water and a flashlight. Oh yeah, did I mention this was an evening hike! So I huffed and I puffed and I climbed that hill...thought I was gonna die. I reached what I thought at the time was the top. Just as the colorful lights of Reno were coming on(you can see the whole city), and in the opposite direction the sun was setting over the mountain ridge...beautiful. As dusk hit I hit the trail down, jogging during the not so steep parts, wanting to get as far down as I could while I still had some light. Ok, so I got a little lost on the way the main dog chased off some critter, who knows what? Luckily, the trail leader saw that my car was still there and called me. I was only two neighborhood blocks off course.
Note to all that venture: Get a very strong flashlight or head lamp, and plenty of water!