Juniper Peak

#29 of 36 trails in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Juniper Peak is a 5.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Las Vegas, NV that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from February until November.

5.5 miles 2200 feet Out & Back
hiking views scramble
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Juniper Peak located in Red Rock Canyon is one of the best moderate hikes in Red Rock. It's a 5.5 mile hike (up and back) with a trail to warm up on, bouldering through a magnificent canyon, and class 2 and 3 scrambling. Red Rock Canyon is located 16 miles west of Las Vegas, NV. Head west on the signed Arnight Trail passing a shallow wash around a half mile. Continue on the trail another quarter mile and turn SW (left) onto a prominent path, which heads straight for Juniper Canyon. Follow this path about 200 yards where it intersects a prominent trail. Go right 15 yards and turn left onto another path. Follow this path to a major fork and turn right and head for the enormous boulder (The boulder is also a landmark during the hike back to the trailhead.) The route passes to the left of the boulder and then drops into a wash. Go left in the wash, walk 10 yards, turn right, and follow a steep path up and out of the wash. Go left walk about 15 yards where the path intersects the unsigned Juniper Canyon Path. Go left and follow the Juniper Canyon Path a few hundred yards to a fork. Take the right fork which heads for Juniper Canyon. (If you miss this turn, youll soon be heading east toward the trailhead.) After a few hundred yards the path climbs a hill and then parallels a wash coming from Juniper Canyon. Youll scramble over a few boulders before the path dead-ends in the wash. Numerous cairns have been placed in the wash to help guide you. Climb the huge boulders in front of you (class 3) and follow cairns as you twist and turn in the wash. The overall direction is SW. After a hundred yards the wash narrows and steepens. In less than 50 yards the wash ends and you follow a path that heads (north) right to the top of the slope. The path passes a fallen log. Continue on the path about 200 yards where the path dead ends into another path. Turn right at the divide and scramble over the boulders and into another wash. Go west (left) in the wash about 30 yards to an opening in the brush to a steep path. It will be to your right. Hike 30 yards up the steep path to a small boulder field. Head SW through the boulder field aiming for a large, blackface boulder at the far side of the boulder field. A cairn sits on top of the boulder. Just to the right and a little beyond the boulder, the path resumes. It travels 30 yards and empties out onto white sandstone. The reddish-brown towering wall is Brownstone Wall. The next part of the route parallels Brownstone Wall to a gully that is located at the north end of Brownstone Wall. The gully lies below the two turtle boulders. Scramble north toward the turtle boulders to the wall. To get on top of the wall scramble up a steep slab of sandstone before the wall. Continue all the way up to the juniper tree. Just behind the juniper lies a low point in the sandstone wall. Climb the wall and scramble up the chute (class 3). Hike west up the beehive sandstone until it becomes too steep. Veer north (right) and parallel the north end of Brownstone Wall 100 yards to the top. Theres a fantastic overlook 1,000 feet down into the south fork of Pine Creek just to the north (right). From here, youre only 10 minutes After taking in the view, head south (left) just past the second of three large ponderosa pines. Hike east (left) about 25 yards on sandstone ledges marked by numerous cairns. The route makes a 180-degree turn and heads west. Climb off the sandstone slab and under the boulder. Hike 30 yards to the big ponderosa. Turn left (SE) and hike 20 yards going between two small sandstone crags to the boulder that marks Juniper Peak. This route is very hard to follow without photos and waypoints. Those are available from my website. (

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