Tahoe Rim Trail

#40 of 221 trails in Toiyabe National Forest

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Tahoe Rim Trail is a 18.5 mile point-to-point trail located near Incline Village, Nevada. The trail is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen and primarily used for mountain biking.

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Robert York (149)

4 Completed7 Reviews

Did the whole TTR in 2012. Started at echo and it worked out great. Took 13 days.

Michael Tanchek (1194)

64 Completed40 Reviews

Haven't completed the Tahoe Meadows to Spooner segment yet. I've been wandering around the whole section of the Carson Range between the Lake and Carson City-Carson City-Washoe Valley and Woodfords to I-80. I'll get it done eventually...

Paul Honatke (1769)

40 Completed32 Reviews

Yesterday I hiked a small part of the Rim Trail for a great view of the Lake. Drive 2.7 miles out of town on 267. The trail crosses the road there and goes uphill (East). Follow signs for the Spur Trail. A nice 1.5 mi uphill climb for a little side trip while you're in the area.

I have gone downhill from the trailhead there and found it less than thrilling...