Champney Falls Trail (to Mount Chocorua)

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Champney Falls Trail (to Mount Chocorua) is a 7.6 mile out and back trail located near Conway, New Hampshire that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

7.6 miles Out & Back
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Directions from Conway, NH: Travel 11.5 miles west on Kancamagus Highway (SR 112) to a parking area. Trail begins there.

Leigh MacDonald

7 Completed1 Reviews

Ethan Kim

19 Completed8 Reviews

Beautiful sunset, and sun rise at summit

Tamara Hewitt

2 Completed1 Reviews

Aaron Jonker

4 Completed4 Reviews

This is a great hike. We arrived at the trailhead at 8am on Saturday morning in the summer and were the fifth car in the lot. My wife and I hiked with our boys ages 8 and 10. It was a beautiful hike. It's not an easy trail, it's pretty consistently up the whole way. About a mile up the trail is the cutoff for the Champney and Pitcher Falls, both impressive though not much water travels over them most of the year. We continued up to the top of Chocorua and arrived at the top about two hours after we started. We probably could have made it up a bit faster, but kept a pretty steady pace the whole way. There was one other person at the top but we didn't see anybody else on our way up that early. The top is completely exposed and rocky, with some somewhat difficult climbing to get up to the summit. It's a must-see summit. On the way down the trail was like a super highway, with hundreds of people making their way up. Starting early was a good idea. On the way down we took the Middle Sister/Champney cutoff over to Middle Sister. An extra 0.7 miles or so gets you to the top of Middle Sister, which it appears almost nobody else does. It was a welcome respite from the busy trail and the old stone watch tower at the top was fun to see and poke around. Definitely worth the detour!

Mike R.

Good hike well maintained trail. Great views from summit.


1 Completed1 Reviews

The first mile or so is shaded and the incline is pretty shallow. I recommend taking the route with the waterfalls - they are worth seeing/exploring (though not the most spectacular waterfalls, at this time of year at least) but also there is trail work being done on the other route so might as well avoid that. After the waterfalls the trail becomes steeper and more difficult - the trail is well maintained but is rocky and slippery in some places if wet. I would say the difficulty is moderate, but there is not too much distance to cover between the falls and the summit so it is certainly doable for most skill levels. Once at the rocky top there are seemingly many possible ways to the peak, but there is a not-obvious 'trail' off to the right side (west side) of the peak, take this route if you want the safer/less adventurous route - I prefer to make my own way up here though, the granite is formed in such a way that climbing your own way to the top can be fun and safe. Once at the peak the views are phenomenal on a clear day, with 360 degree views around.

When we went there was mud in some places but not too much. There were some bugs but it wasn't too bad. It was a warm and humid day but most of the hike is shaded which was nice. The trail was busy, but nowhere near what I would call crowded.

All in all, this was a pretty good hike. Difficult enough that I had to push myself at times but not so difficult that I ever felt like it wasn't doable. The views at the top were great and the waterfalls were an added bonus. Not my favorite hike ever but certainly worth doing.

Herman Sanborn

32 Completed22 Reviews

Great hike! My 73 year old dad and 12 and 14 year old nephews made it to the top. Would not say easy but not very hard if you have your hiking legs.

Sheryl Gobeil

17 Completed4 Reviews

I hiked this alone 2 days ago. Great hike. There were plenty of people on trail (including workers) and felt totally safe, but not too many as being crowded. My only concern was that the yellow blazes were tough to find, especially on the open rocks at the top. I guess that kind of adds to the challenge and makes it more of an accomplishment!

Laura Vartanian

4 Completed2 Reviews

I hiked this today with my 4 kids, ages 14, 9, 5, and 3. It was recommended to me as a family hike but it was difficult for the younger two in some places, and they have been hiking since birth. They did enjoy crossing the water and scrambling up rocks the whole way up. Very beautiful and relaxing at the top it was well worth it! Be prepared to get dirty, it rained hard the day before and the trail was very muddy and wet!

Andrew Golenski

6 Completed4 Reviews

Great hike up to Mt Chocorua, loved seeing Champney Falls on the way up the awesome view on top of Chocorua. And on the way down I took a dip in a little natural pool from the falls to cool off, great trail