Gonic Trails

Rochester, NH
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Gonic Trails is a 2.3 mile loop trail located near Rochester, New Hampshire that features a waterfall. The trail is good for all skill levels offers a number of activity options. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.



1 Completed 2 Reviews

Nice family Hike. Yes it is by the Waste Management site, but we didn't notice the smell or noise on a Saturday afternoon. Followed the red trail to the river and picked up the yellow trail, it ended up being a 3.4 mile hike with the last mile on a road in the sun, a little hot. Bring plenty of water.



5 Completed 6 Reviews

If you're looking to do this trail, it can be located on Rochester Neck Road (the map on this site is ambiguous about it's location, so I figured this information might help). Quick little trail in the middle of Gonic/Rochester. Though it is visually removed from both of those places, it still has the feel of being in a suburban setting, as the Waste Management treatment plant is this trail's neighbor. The beautiful sounds and smells of garbage trucks and their loads can be smelled and heard throughout this little walk. While this is not the best trail in New Hampshire, it is well suited for taking your dog for a walk, or easing your city bound friend into "nature".



8 Completed 7 Reviews

Great place to spend some time at the rivers edge.



4 Completed 1 Reviews

Love this place hike it often great for all skill



43 Completed 25 Reviews

This is an easy hike with nice views of the river. The three trails are well marked, well maintained and family and pet friendly.