Pawtuckaway State Park

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Pawtuckaway State Park is a 8 mile loop trail located near Nottingham, New Hampshire and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from June until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Caroline Macomber (297)

6 Completed4 Reviews

Robyn Skinner Wilkie (324)

7 Completed3 Reviews

I hiked from the main park entrance towards north peak, which didn't look all that far away by the map. It was much further than I expected, and trails were not all well maintained, signs were unclear- listed trail names that weren't on my map?- and there was horse manure everywhere in the middle of the trails. Tons of bugs and walking through all the overgrown grass in the trails made me worry about ticks. Someone later told me that south peak is much more enjoyable hike. Seems like a nice park and its enormous, I didn't have the time to explore more, but will definitely give it another chance.

Samantha McCarty (1972)

21 Completed19 Reviews

I've done this one many times. Great way to hang out with some friends on a hot day!

Jesse Carlson (390)

5 Completed6 Reviews

Just like my last review, I hiked the Pawtuckaway South Ridge, starting at the trailhead at Round Pound road. The little parking lot was cleared of all snow, despite the snow on the ground. The trails seemed well enough maintained. Make sure you bring crampons, though, that trail was one long sheet of ice. My only complaint was the sign after the initial hike in from Round Pound Road that should have been at Round Pound to say where the South Ridge trail was, was missing at the time of my hike. I knew the trail hugged the lake, so it was easy to find it, just a little confusing at first. The white trail blazes were easy enough to follow, and from there all the signage remained in tacked. The woods and hills with this beautiful winding trail were absolutely wonderful. I think I like this trail in the winter more than the summer. The views from the top of the South Ridge were beautiful on the sunny clear day that I hiked it. I would totally recommend this hike to anyone looking to do a relatively easy winter hike. It look me one hour and ten minutes to ascend, then one hour to descend. Oh, another thing that might be good to note: the trails were empty of other people. The only person I saw through the whole hike was a lady at the trailhead when I was done. I hiked at noon on a Tuesday.

Leah Megan (125)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Trails were well marked, but could use some maintenance.

Jesse Carlson (390)

5 Completed6 Reviews

Got into the park from Round Pond Road, and parked my car in the little area provided. Once I got on the blue marked trail it was easy to find my way from there. I went up the South Mountain to the lookout/fire tower. Beautiful views from the top, as well as near the later part of the hike. I think the view would be much better on the trail during the fall when there are less leaves, yet it was still gorgeous with a wonderful breeze. It took about 2 hours to the top, and 45-50 minutes coming down. The hike was harder than I thought it would be, yet still certainly easy enough for kids and dogs to do. I feel I should also mention that the Boulder Field is nothing short of amazing to look at. I just wish I was a rock climber!

Linda Brockelbank (274)

8 Completed7 Reviews

William Glover (3127)

45 Completed25 Reviews

With this hike, I think we have done everything in this State Park. Today's hike focused on the eastern part and included Fundy, Split Rock and Shaw Trails. This was really easy going with lots of twists and turns and some beautiful Fall views of the lake and forest.

William Glover (3127)

45 Completed25 Reviews

This was an easy hike and made for an enjoyable afternoon. We hiked the Mountain Trail to the Boulder Trail and the looped back on the Bypass. There were some nice views at the top and the Boulder Field was impressive.

Kim R. (424)

31 Completed7 Reviews

I like this trail. Hiked in Aug 2011 as I was camping here. It was definitely an adventure since I hiked alone. It took me a while to get to summit via MT because of some ailments but I made it. South Mountain was good enough for me. The weather was good, it was fun.