Ramapo Reservation Trail

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Ramapo Reservation Trail is a 7.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Mahwah Township, NJ that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and scenic driving and is accessible from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

7.2 miles 1033 feet Loop
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Ramapo Valley County Reservation: Ramapo Reservation is a 8.52 mile loop trail located near Mahwah, New Jersey that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, scenic driving & walking.

John Spittle
8 hours ago

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very scenic, great hike

Isaiah McCargo
2 days ago

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Great amazing views!!

Paige Miller
19 days ago

30 Completed13 Reviews

Kiddo Vanhood
1 month ago

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This was an amazing experience. I was looking for somewhere to go to be alone with the woods, and this was certainly it.
I was a bit discouraged when I first arrived. I have never seen such a variety of dog breeds, and a large group of boys came running in a pack behind me as I got closer to the lake.
That is when I noticed the wonderful yellow trail. This followed the roadway for quite a bit, but was still very calm and beautiful. After it got far enough into the woods and away From the main entrance the more wonderful it was. There were several people on this path. But once I got into the red path I was the only one around.
I did a lot of off trail uphill hiking. It was tough, but the views and scenery were certainly worth it.
I spent 5 hours in the park, and most of it was without a thought of another human, let alone sight.
There are so many trails to explore and I am looking forward to seeing this place again once the summer leaves come in.

Recommend if you're looking for some alone time, off trail, scenery or even an easy walk around the lake. I saw a lot of runners, lots of dog walkers. Families. Picnic tables. Fishing. This has something for everyone.

Kevin Miller
2 months ago

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Really Good

Jimmy Lang
2 months ago

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It was the best I have seen yet. Better keep exploring.

vin rubin
5 months ago

4 Completed5 Reviews

very family friendly very dog friendly. the easier trails tend to get crowded. the more difficult trails are much less traveled. everything is doable some parts of trails are moderate, most are easy. great walk. i prefer the views when go in the fall (its a great time with the lake and foliage).

Stanley Knep
5 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Some areas challenging but doable. Great workout and pleasant when away from lake areas

Peter Canavan
8 months ago

8 Completed2 Reviews

My expectations for this place were mediocre but I had blast. Went the green trail, to the white, looping back in with the blue. I was surprised how empty the more rugged trails were for a Saturday.

Maria Adorno
9 months ago

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Maria Adorno
9 months ago

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Jaime Andrés
10 months ago

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Carolyn Correa
11 months ago

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Great trails for dog owners

Bryan Dan
11 months ago

6 Completed1 Reviews

went during memorial day weekend and as I anticipated the parking lot was packed due to the holiday. We hiked the orange trail to the blue trail back down the silver trail. Was a beautiful and somewhat challenging hike as we weren't in the best shape following the winter. Saw two timber rattlesnakes, a black rat snake, a red bellied skink, along with other more common critters. Don't worry about the snakes if you fear them just watch your step and give them the distance they deserve.

Reena DePaolo
1 year ago

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I hiked the Halifax to the White trail in about 2.5 hours without stopping more than 5 mins and going at a pretty leisurely pace for most of it. I actually started going around Scarlet Oak Pond and making a right over the wood bridge following the green on white markers. Nice view from Hawk Rock I think it was. The first hour felt like two with all the inclines.
Passed the blue on white markers to get to the White trail on the left. Didn't care for the narrow part of the trail but it opens up again quickly. Led to the blue trail and passed the Overlook on my way down. If I weren't so tired I would have stopped for the view but I just wanted to get back to the car. Didn't realize I was so out of shape. Overall good hike but I think it would be prettier in spring or fall.

JasonEdwin Phillips
1 year ago

5 Completed2 Reviews

Overall I found this park & trail a good solution for a simple and fairly quick afternoon getaway from NYC.
It's less than an hour from midtown, I found parking pretty easy (it was 2:00 on a Summer Sunday) and the trail is right off the road. I hiked the yellow trail, not the paved one, it pretty much hikes like a dry river bed and is nicely covered with trees. I also found it relatively quiet, not to many people around. Hike to the lake and around, let your dog go for a swim and leash him back up!

PJ Ryan
2 years ago

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good for an umplanned hike with the kids or the dog. extremely crowded, so don't expect solitude.

Jesus Gay
2 years ago

8 Completed5 Reviews

Great trail with a lot of good views. rail is well marked. Despite Ramapo Reservation being very popular and at times very crowded, the trail is very quiet and you don't run into many people like on the other trails.

Jacqui McCann
2 years ago

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Overall a very scenic and enjoyable hike. There are a number of different trails that are suitable for any level. A lot of uphill so it was a great workout. Plenty of parking. I took the orange trail to red/silver which was great. However, when I got to the gasline I decided to hike up the mountain side to get a good view. The view was spectacular but the hike down was extremely dangerous and I would recommend NOT doing this. I fell twice and the ground is slick. If you stay on the paths and pay attention it should be a good time

Paul Whalen
3 years ago

13 Completed9 Reviews

Ramapo Reservation is one of the most popular places to go to in the area. The trails are well marked throughout the hike. You will see a lake at the beginning of the hike where lots of people walk around and another one at the top. They are both nice to see especially the top one. The hike is a moderate one and you will enjoy it. If you ever get back to Ramapo some day get a map and check out Bear Swamp lake and the other trail at Ramapo Reservation have to offer. I've been on them all and still hike them today.