Rancocas State Park

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5 miles of well marked lightly used trails through a variety of ecosystems.

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Ashley Newhall (97)

2 Completed4 Reviews

I've been to this park a few times, I enjoy taking the blue and orange trail in a loop. The abandoned cabin on the creek side is very intriguing, one of my favorite parts about this park. I once saw a naked man running on the blue trail at dusk with my boyfriend. He was very fit, had short hair, a runner that enjoys going naked. It was quite startling but makes a funny story.

Courtney Greeley (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

So many bugs! I had to cut my hike short because they were everywhere, flying into my ears flying into my mouth swarming around. I even had super strong bug spray on. Other than that it's a very pretty hike with a nice even incline.

Ventures to Anomaly (353)

8 Completed8 Reviews

This park can be confused with the nature center in westampton which is technically also part of the rancocas state park, however they are accessed at different spots and are separated by the rancocas creek. Both are beautiful, mostly very clean, and great for bringing doggies. You may run into hunters, so just a heads up if you see men walking around with crossbows. There is a lot of history in these woods and you can find ruins of summer homes that were owned by philadelphians on the hainesport side along the creek.

Mike Dube (127)

2 Completed4 Reviews

TRAIL MAP is posted in the photos section. GREAT MTN. BIKING TRAILS

Michael Rothmel (46)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I ride the part of the park in Hainesport, between the South Branck and main branch of the Creek. Entrance is at the end of Deacon Road, in front of 1513 Deacon Road. The Green Trail and part of Blue are single track. I have added some log overs. I ride there with my dog, Denny, two mornings a week for fun and to stay in shape and bond with my bike. Recently the County took over the park and marked the Blue, Red, Green and Orange Trails. The loop is 4.44 Miles. Riding back and forth is about 6 miles. The ride is different in each direction.

Mike Dube (127)

2 Completed4 Reviews

White, Blue, Red and Orange Trails are good for X-Country Skiing.

Mike Dube (127)

2 Completed4 Reviews

White Trail is good for any level rider. Brown, Green and Yellow Trails are more challenging.

John Bershak (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Excellent for trail running. For best experience consult the map at the designated parking area to the left of the gate. Recommended route: Exit parking area to the right of the gate on the white trail. Proceed about 100 yards and take green trail to the right. Follow green trail to the end (0.84 miles). Go down to the boat launch on the right and turn left onto the white trail. Follow white trail out to access road and turn right (approx. 0.5 miles). Proceed 50 yards on the access road and turn left to pick up the white trail. White trail continues about another half mile. Turns into the brown trail that ends at small wooden bridge on left (50 yards on brown trail). Do not cross bridge. Continue straight past the bridge to take yellow trail loop (1.1 miles). This loop returns to the wooden bridge (do not cross). Turn left at the bridge and follow the brown trail out to another access road (0.55 miles). Cross the road and pick up the white trail again. Follow the white trail about 0.4 miles and turn right on the access road. Parking is directly ahead 150 yards. Someone did a great job with the trail layout. Enjoy.