Sunfish Pond

#4 of 30 trails in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Great glacial pond, lots of wildlife, well maintained trail system

9.0 miles 1207 feet Loop
dog friendly camping hiking nature trips walking muddy rocky waterfall
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This hike is a moderate climb to Sunfish Pond, following the Appalachian Trail heading north. The trail is well maintained and well used by dayhikers and overniters alike. The hike has a few strenuous climbs, but mostly evenly graded climbs with a few level areas in between. I followed the Dunnfield Hollow Trail down from Sunfish Pond to make it a loop. This trail does have some rather steep sections, and I probably wouldnt suggest it as an uphill route if I had a fully loaded pack.

Ray Buckwalter

3 Completed3 Reviews

Ray Buckwalter

3 Completed3 Reviews

Nice walk often crowded in good weather

Anthony Casanova

8 Completed9 Reviews

It was a very challenging trail with more rocks than I bargained for, and taking this in mind, it was all worth the hike, the Glacial Pond was beautiful to experience and the walk back was not lol. I highly recommend this trail for the strong at heart, lung and knee's that will indeed take a pounding on the way down.

P T.

Andrea Shipley

69 Completed4 Reviews

This one is a childhood favorite, so it gets 5 stars for nostalgia and because the bottom section of this trail is just spectacular along the stream/creek. A nice 8 miles up and back, nothing difficult, but the hang out and picnic opportunities at the top are awesome! Both the stream and the water holes are great to cool off in post-hike. (Here's a pretty nice link:

John Golden

10 Completed8 Reviews

This trail is a classic and gets very crowded during the late spring into early fall, but in the shoulder season, its great. Start out at the Dunnfield Creek parking area and follow the AT past a series of water falls up to Sunfish Pond. To hike around the pond, take the Turquoise trail around the NE end of the pond until it connects with the Sunfish Pond Fire Road. Follow the fire road back to the AT and return to the parking lot. AT is well marked but was very wet today due to 5 inches of rain falling two days prior, Sections can get rocky. Turquoise trail is poorly marked with blazes few and far between (and faded to the color of some of the native lichen on the trees...what were they thinking?) Fire road is pretty self-evident. All in all a really nice hike.

Andrew Walck

31 Completed23 Reviews

Started with a climb to the summit of Mt.Tammany and then a continuation on the blue trail . Where blue splits at the sign , I continued north on the unmarked trail . After taking the unmarked trail 3 miles I bushwhacked 2 miles west of north to sunfish pond . This was by far one of my favorite hikes ever . The recent rain brought a shroud of mist and fog reducing visibility to about 10 feet. Bear and coyote evidence abundant , although no sightings. This time that is .

Craig R.

A friend and I did this hike last weekend. We combined it with the ascent to the top of Mt. Tammany. It snowed about 2" on our way up but once we reached the top it stopped and the clouds parted to give us a spectacular view. We took the red trail to the top, descended using the blue trail to meet with Dunnfield Creek trail (green) and took that to Sunfish Pond. We turned around there taking the AT (white) back. Overall it was about 12-13 miles and we did it in less than 6 hours in the snow. It's a very peaceful area during the winter. The green trail introduces a few areas where you need to ford the creek, which for me was a lot of fun, but it may not be for everyone. Will definitely be back to see what spring has to offer!

Liam Smith

3 Completed3 Reviews

All I could say is wow I love this hike not so much for the pond but for dunnfield creek

msmaria .

8 Completed7 Reviews

9.1 mile hike.... Took green trail from dunnfield parking lot. Gradual upgrade then right before you arrive to the lake - elevation upgrade several hundred feet up. When you take the green trail- majority of time is along the river creek and the path crosses over several times. Maybe dry days - crossing may be easier on the rocks but if rains or just rained the day before- the water levels are higher and you need waterproof boots to get across. Walking sticks help with balance too. Green trail is marked well

Once I reached the lake area- I took a right on sunfish fire road ( which is a smooth path) until I reached turquoise trail and then I make a left there. Turquoise trail is narrow and not marked as well as the green- but as long as you follow the worn path of dirt or rocks - you can navigate. There is a elevated clearing on the turquoise that there is a nice place to rest or have lunch- some of the area is partly shaded

If you continue on turquoise - you hit the Appalachian trail. I turned left to keep my loop around the lake. The Appalachian side of the lake is very rocky but it's well marked. There are several parts where you reach the lake but swimming is not permitted. When you complete the loop - you will see a wooden bench similar to the one by dunnfield waterfall where green trail starts.

I took the Appalachian trail (white trail) back . Passed a camping area, passed area of forest where you can tell there was fire - the rest of the trail is basically a gradual downhill back to the dunnfield parking lot.

Took me about 2 hrs going and 1hr 45 coming back. That was with brief stops to drink water, take pictures etc