Atalaya Mountain Trail

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This is a short day hike from St. Johns College trail head east side of the city of Santa Fe, NM into the edge of the Santa Fe National forest.

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Lauren Figard (105)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Good hike, conveniently located from Santa Fe. Nice views of the beautiful St John's campus as well. We did this hike on a Saturday, but it was surprisingly quiet with very few other hikers.

Shannon Croom (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great views of Santa Fe. The elevation was a challenge at times for my sea level lungs. Would certainly hike it again!

Johnny Fedevich (38)

1 Completed1 Reviews

A very popular Santa Fe hike. Many people and doggies on a Sunday. Our 12 year old Lab/Shepard did great going up, she was worn out going back down. Great view at the top with a gentle breeze. It took us about 4 hours.

Beard Brenda (247)

4 Completed5 Reviews


Alexandra Telly (123)

5 Completed4 Reviews

Paul Listerman (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

My family and I hiked most of the trail while on vacation last week in Santa Fe. About a half mile from the top, a thunder, lightening and heavy rain storm came in from no where. We had to retreat....but we were so close!!
Beautful trail. Great views so close to town. We did meet a lot of locals along the trail. A lot had dogs off leash but heck...the dogs want to hike too!! Then again, I'm a dog lover and if my dog was with me, she would be off leash too.
The trail does start very flat but then turns up. It can get steep at times. As flatlanders, two of our group stopped at about 8500 feet elevation. We were only two days into the vacation and the altitude was getting to them. The other three of us (all runners) kept going but were almost immediately turned around by lightening. The walk down was miserable in a cold rain but heck, it made for a good story!
Bring your water. Bring some snacks. Have fun and take a lot of photos!!

Ernie Lozano (71)

1 Completed1 Reviews

My sister and I hiked the Atalaya trail today. It was our first time. For a 65 year old man it tested me. But we enjoyed ourselves.
We encountered 6 unleashed dogs. 5 of them were with their owners. The one came off of the side of the hill between my sister. She is deaf, so she had no way of hearing it, It startled her and scared her cause it looked like a wolf. We were on a very narrow part of a trail. She almost went over the edge.
I encountered the owner about 5 minutes later when the dog came to him. I asked if it was his dog, and he acknowledged it was. I described what had just happened and that he should have the dog leashed. It did not respond, just briskly walked away.
It's is sad that these people only think of their own needs. Not sure I will return.

Abigail Wise (1229)

37 Completed37 Reviews

Nice trail with great views, but not many views until very near the top. Trail is also tough to find in rain, so go when it's nice out.

John Laninga (173)

8 Completed8 Reviews

Wife and I did most of the trail. When the sign says "Steeper Route", it means it, at least for a couple of 70+ year olds! But we enjoyed the hike and the views from the trail. Lots of people and loose dogs, too.

John Newman (461)

11 Completed10 Reviews

Really enjoyed this hike. Super easy access and interesting views all along, Pretty steep in places. Some of the signs are a little misleading in spots, it looks like the arrow is pointing to what is actually a different trail. Did thos on Thanksgiving in a t-shirt and shorts. Love Santa Fe weather,