canyon rim trail

#39 of 161 trails in santa fe national forest
Flat paved walking path for a nice walk. A bridge to stop and look into the canyon less than a quarter mile in.

2.96 miles Out & Back 196 feet
Dog Friendly
walking dogs leash views wild flowers
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Andrea Peterson

24 Completed11 Reviews

Pleasant for what it is; this paved trail is easy and accessible for all types. Not strenuous in the slightest. It's a pretty decent running trail in addition to having great views into the canyons surrounding Los Alamos. Very little shade covering the trail. I recommend it around sunset, as it is relatively safe to walk there during the hours when it is getting darker, and it isn't as hot. Despite a lack of deciduous trees, this trail lights up with many oranges and reds in the fall.

Carolyn Newhouse

8 Completed3 Reviews

Nice paved trail along rim. No elevation change, but a good walk. Nice 360 degree views. Wheelchair, dog friendly. Little shade so would recommend early am or sundown walk in a warm day. Enjoy!